Still waiting to try your gear!


Just wanted to let you know @Iron_Junkie_Labs im still waiting to try your gear, I got hung up in the hospital before I could do anything with it… once I get back up and running in a few days I’ll get everything posted on how great of service everything was and how things are working!


Its horrible. You have to be real careful disposing of it…send to …of course I’m a joke…I mean joking…kicks ass.


No sir… no disposing of my @Iron_Junkie_Labs stuff… way to proud to have it!


Lol @rnmuscle you jacked little clown :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@josh i hear ya man i hope all is well, when you try our stuff i will know because you will be coming back :wink: :muscle: enjoy brother


you better beleive it… So far everything looks good, I must 1st say your customer service is top notch!


Thank you brother we strive for the best service we can provide for our community :pray:


Once you try @Iron_Junkie_Labs you wont need to go anywhere else again hes a one stop shop of goodies lol which are all super top notch!


His selection is off the charts! Im eager to keep up with him and he knows it! Thanks @MBTJR1980


Anytime bud its so worth the wait!!


Well I can surely tell you the @Iron_Junkie_Labs Tren A, is way above and beyond what I expected!