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Its actually a trick question that over the years I have posted to a bunch of people and you got it.
Its impossible to answer because there are literally so many different variables that come into play.
Its just as you said apples to oranges.
Im always curious as to what different individuals believe is the correct answer when there actually isn’t a correct answer only a theoretical explanation


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Thats 100% dependent on what the individual does post cycle.


Its actually more like a trick question.
I don’t believe that it can truly be answered unless you really took to people and did an experiment but it could go either way because there are so many different variables that come into what would actually happen.
I like asking that question though to see peoples different opinions about it.


Do you want to discuss a hypothetical situation or do you want to discuss helping you with your next cycle?

I believe discussion is great but if you want to take this in a different direction than your cycle planning thread then a new thread would be more beneficial.


I hope I didn’t upset you brother.
I was just throwing something into the mix.
I apologize if I offended you.
I am very serious about asking for help from everyone im not trying to play games its just something that over the years I like to see what peoples opinions are on a situation like that.
Let’s discuss cycle plans


testosterone enanthate 500mg split 1-16
Decca 500mg a week 1-12
Tbol 40mg split ed 1-6
Proviron 50mg split ed 1- 18
Testosterone enanthate 500 mg 1-16
Proviron 50mg ed 1-16
MHN 40mg ed 1-4 finish 13-16
Testosterone enanthate 500 mg 1-18
Primo 400mg split a wk 1-18
Mhn 20mg ed 1-4 kick 15-18 finisher
Testosterone enanthate 500mg 1-18
Primo 400mg 1-18
Var 30-40mg 1-8 finish 16-18
testosterone enanthate 500mg 1-12
Npp 450mg 1-10
Var 40mg 1-8

If im going to run the 1testcyp or dhb the cycle will look like this.
Testosterone enanthate 500mg 1-16
1testcyp 600mg 1-16
Primo 400mg 1-16
Proviron 50mg 1-18
Var 40mg 1-6 and MHN 20mg 13-18

Lets get back on track I really appreciate everyone’s help


Not at all… I am just trying to find a way I can help you plan your next cycle. Which was the purpose of the thread. If we are headed down another path than a seperate thread with an appropriate title would be of more benefit to everyone.


So of the above 6 examples these 2 are the ones that im personally learning more towards. The reason is there simplicity.
I would actually even be open to just a test e/proviron cycle.

I have to add that 1testcyp is definitely in the running and could be a replacement for primo or even run the primo and 1testcyp side by side and I would drop all orals because both have good dht qualities which would make proviron not needed and also would be enough for me to not need var or mhn.
I really would like to run the mhn I have because I gave it a test run and had progesterone issues but didn’t know until I discontinued it that it wasn’t estrogen issues and I was treating the side effects incorrectly.


I sincerely appreciate it also your opinion as you know means alot to me and @PHD opinion also.

I also of course appreciate everyone’s help and opinions but I know that @PHD is doing his comp and you have to run the forums so yes it means alot that you take time to help me out.


Gotta love @SemperFi’s no fucking around attitude lol def gets his point across no confusion at all. If i was planning your cycle i would run test, dhb, and proviron. I think thatll do the job for you with a good diet and balls out training.


You can see why he is a moderator


Personally of all the cycle options that you posted I would recommend #1 if I only had that list to choose from. It fits well with your goals, minimizes sides and maximize returns. I would even possibly plug in NPP weeks 13-16. Deca at 400mg/wk is more than enough for most individuals but I wouldn’t be against someone bumping up to 600mg as long as it did not greatly increase side effects which can be related to deca.

I like #5 but the var took it out of the running. Var has zero benefit in a bulking cycle. Particularly if you are susceptible to the appetite suppressing effects of anavar. It would have been better to add the tbol & provi to this cycle.


I have run a test e/npp/tbol/proviron cycle.
It was the first cycle I ran after I dropped my weight and started to run gear again. I did get very good results from this cycle. Honestly probably one of the top cycles that I have run. I do prefer tbol over var. I do like var because I do very well on it but tbol I do get better results.
This is also going to be added to the list of choices. Im going to need to start to narrow down the choices.


I’m curious where you ran your tbol at. I won’t be running mine until the spring or early summer but I’ve been stocking up and trying to plan for it.


I have tried 20mg split but 40mg split is what I prefer running. I try to keep dosing on the lower end but tbol is an oral that I believe can be run as high as 60mg split. I really didn’t have any bad side effects from tbol.
Everyone is different but for me it is my favorite oral in this stage of my life. I see tbol as a strength gaining compound. It definitely does give you mass also but my strength increase is rapid when using tbol.


Then that would be my personal Occam’s Razor. Bodybuilding and steroid cycles are about results. If this was the cycle the I know will provide me with the results I am working towards then taking the risk using something else just in the hopes I get equal or slightly more value from could be a waste of 3-4 months in time.


This is an excellent point. It goes along with the keep it simple stupid(KISS) approach that I should be taking towards this decision also.
For this fact it will become the first choice.
I get from tbol and npp a great synergy im not sure if everyone else gets this but it is true to me and my diet and training worked really well with this cycle in the past.
I believe that my curiosity towards mixing it up and trying different compounds actually pushed me away from this but I do want a straight forward approach that I know will do well and that I won’t have any issues with.
This is why I appreciate yours and everyone’s opinion on things. I can easily get distracted from the simplicity of things.

I would go with my past approach to this cycle being a 12 wk cycle.
1-12 Bayer testoviron 500mg split
1-10 npp 450mg 3x 150mg wk
1-6 tbol 40mg split
1-14 proviron 50mg split
Exemestane and caber


So this was what I was going to go with as my next cycle but researching and reading has made me rethink that my goals. Im looking to bulk but I think that being 220lb and about 15% bf I could easily especially since im on injured reserve right now lol
Cut some weight get down to 210 or less and work on getting my bf% to atleast 12-13%. Im thinking that I would like to run just a solid gains cycle by using

Testoviron 500mg split 250mg 2x a wk 1-18
Taper down to test cyp 100mg 2x a wk 18-?
Dragon pharma dhb 400mg 200mg 2x a wk 1-15wk
Dragon pharma,bm pharma,pharmacom 1-15wk
Primobolan 400-600mg split 200mg 2x a wk
MHN 30mg split 15mg 2x ed 1-6 break 16-20
Proviron 50mg split ed 1-20wk
Hgh 2iu starting 2wks before cycle and I will be elevating my testosterone levels from the 100mg a wk now up to 200mg a wk through December.

The change comes from the fact that I want to run 1-testosterone or dhb especially with primo and MHN this cycle will leave me with solid gains and will bring me into summer looking lean and mean.
Im going for 220lb lean and I believe that this is without a doubt possible.
I really like that the primo will leave me with quality gains that stick and the dhb should also harden me up. The mhn works the same way hard dense gains. I decided to run a dry cycle that will still put enough muscle on my frame and allow me not to blow up with to much water.
I will either finish with MHN or I might switch tbol in the beginning and end with MHN.


LMAO… here we go again! :wink: