Steroid forum discussion BIGMURPH next cycle


So im going to start my next run in January. This does depend upon an injury that I have being fully recovered.

I have more than a few different options to choose from but my final decision on goals will dictate the cycle. I actually would like to hear anything that anyone thinks is a good idea or a bad idea and I truly mean this.
Hit me with the truth just like I would always give my opinion to you guys please give your honest opinion on what you think about my different choices and what you would do or what you wouldn’t do.
I don’t know everything and this is why I always plan my cycles way in advance so that I can get as many different opinions as possible. I truly appreciate that if you think my idea is the stupidest thing you have ever seen please say so. I know that some of you won’t hold back and whatever is said in this post will not be held against anyone or nor will I get upset about you telling me im a fkn idiot as long as you include a critique that you believe would be a better idea.

So my choices are
Test enanthate pharma grade Bayer
Test cypionate symbiotec
Decca symbiotec
Primo pcom, BM pharma,
Npp not a verified sponsor
MHN geneza
Var IJL,pcom, and other non sponsors
Tbol Balkan pharmaceutical
Proviron Bayer, symbiotec, Bayer pharma
Ephedrine hcl tabs pharma grade
Nolvadex pharma grade, symbiotec
Clomiphene pharma grade cipla
Exemestane pharma grade natco
Caber pharma grade sun pharma
Modanifil 200mg sun pharma
Ursocol SR 450MG pharma grade
Hgh 100iu kit
These are what I have stocked I of course can order other compounds if needed to get the cycle put together properly.

Other compounds I would consider using
1-testosterone cypionate

My goal is always to bulk if im going to cut I do it with diet and training. I can understand that you can cut using compounds especially a few that I really enjoy such as npp, primo, ephedrine hcl.
My actual goal is to get back to the dense hard look that I had after my primo cycle but add another 7-12lbs of muscle not water.
Water retention comes with the cycle but I mean that I want to in the end gain a minimum 7-12lbs after the water comes off putting me solid right below 220lbs.

My diet is a strange diet most people are going to say that its not a good idea.
I have experience running this diet and it has always given me my good gains. When I actually ran a high carb diet and listened to others saying that it was the only way it didn’t go very well I actually blew up like a balloon and it wasn’t my estrogen. I for some reason that I can only explain by thinking carboHYDRATES put so much water on me that im just different.
So my diet goes something like this
Protein 250-300mg depending on compounds used
Carbs stay as low as I can possibly get away with and still be able to grow and have energy.

My stats of today 11/15 are
Bf as calculated through measurements using the navy formula puts me at 15-16%
This needs to be decreased without a doubt but also we know that it is a ballpark figure.
I truly believe that im more likely 14% still not the best but I like to sit with some weight on me. I’m not comfortable sitting at 10% or less you look amazing if you do sit around 10% but I enjoy eating way to much to be able to maintain this now. I did this when I was younger and was an athlete now im just a regular guy that enjoys working out and staying in shape.

My examples of what im thinking about using are

testosterone enanthate 500mg split 1-16
Decca 500mg a week 1-12
Tbol 30mg split ed 1-6
Proviron 50mg split ed 1- 18
Testosterone enanthate 500 mg 1-16
Proviron 50mg ed 1-16
MHN 40mg ed 1-4 finish 13-16
Testosterone enanthate 500 mg 1-18
Primo 400mg split a wk 1-18
Mhn 20mg ed 1-4 kick 15-18 finisher
Testosterone enanthate 500mg 1-18
Primo 400mg 1-18
Var 30-40mg 1-8 finish 16-18
testosterone enanthate 500mg 1-12
Npp 450mg 1-10
Var 40mg 1-8

If im going to run the 1testcyp or dhb the cycle will look like this.
Testosterone enanthate 500mg 1-16
1testcyp 600mg 1-16
Primo 400mg 1-16
Proviron 50mg 1-18
Var 40mg 1-6 and MHN 20mg 13-18

These are the ones that I have thought about running.
I will run the hgh at 2iu m-f Saturday and Sunday off. I also run it sometimes hgh 2iu eod before, during, and after the cycle with whatever cycle I do end up using. I will also be using modanifil during the cycle for energy and focus. If im not going to use my ephedrine hcl amps or tabs.
I will use the ephedrine hcl amps during the cycle as a pwo. I don’t do an exact ECA stack but I do use ephedrine and aspirin just no caffeine.
The Ursocol SR 450MG pharma grade will be used during cycle in place of Tudca. Its the pharma grade version of Tudca.
It helps keep you protected while using orals like var and mhn so that my cholesterol levels not get out of wack completely.
I use exemestane to control my estrogen levels. I also will be using caber if I run decca or MHN in the cycle to keep progesterone levels down.
The clomiphene and nolvadex I always keep on hand just in case. Even though I don’t pct but I blast and cruise. When I end my cycle I will taper down my test levels to in range with testosterone cypionate it seems to work better for a cruise than test enanthate does. I don’t know why but I have experimented and I definitely see a difference especially with side effects.
Nolvadex is important because I use proviron and I can on some cycles not need to use an AI this all depends on blood work and which compounds im going to run.

Im looking forward to hearing your feedback.
Im going to let the thread fill up and then I will start answering back.


How about you choose your favorite proposed cycle and we discuss that because I kind of got lost and don’t think breaking down a cycle to compliment your goals needs to be so complicated.

Occam’s Razor. :wink:


I really like the looks of the 1-testcyp cycle! I think that would make for a killer log and getting some real life raw feedback on it. We know it looks crazy good on paper with it’s outta the world ratio.


I did get carried away but as time goes on I will continue to knock 1 at a time off the list.
In all reality im not even sure I will be able to start in January. That’s even up in the air because of my injury.


Its ratio is actually only 200/100 I believe that is the same as decca but as with almost every aas compound those ratios are usually flawed best example is anavar.
From everything that I have gathered it seems more androgenic than Anabolic but puts on muscle like an Anabolic if that makes sense.


You are thinking of something else. Most likely M1T. Murph is talking about DHB and quite honestly I have never heard of anyone using it until coming to So far from what I have read here several people swear by it and others who say its garbage.


Help us help you… Which one are you leaning towards?

Your goals are pretty straight forward so I don’t understand the difficulty choosing a cycle to support those goals.


In all honesty its not a difficult decision. Its more of a situation were my original plan turned out to be not a good idea. Then from that original plan plus what I have available to me it gives me multiple options.
Right now im actually thinking about keeping it as simple as possible and go back to basics especially because im going to be dealing with my elbow and bicep issues and im actually worried that if I try to go big with the test decca tbol proviron I could possibly hurt myself worse.
When I say basics I mean just a
Test 500mg 1-14
Proviron 50mg 1-14
This is actually right now my first choice and what im leaning towards. I mean we both know that it isn’t the gear necessarily that gets you to your goals its your diet and training.
I really don’t see why the basic test cycle wouldn’t allow me to reach my goals.
Then even if towards the end I start to feel confident about my injury being able to handle more I can add in a finishing oral either anavar or mhn.
Another reason for keeping it as simple as possible is if I get going and realize that my arm isn’t ready and running a cycle is a mistake I can just pull the rip cord and have my system clear easily rather than holding nandrolone for an extended period of time after I slow back down to what I call maintenance workout which is what ive been doing for about a little over a month now.
I just lift light high reps and be very careful not to push my arm farther than it can handle.


So crazy fact that I learned during the research on 1testcyp or dhb is that m1t is the methylated version. They are the same compound just one is the oral version that is methylated and the other just has a cypionate ester attached for injection purposes.
I did find out though that the compound is actually so much stronger in the methylated version. I did look into this alot but couldn’t find a solid source to back up the reason for it being so much stronger as an oral vs an injectable.


Some of the cycles you listed, based on your exact goals mentioned, dont really make much sense to me. I know you want to bulk but you want BF to come down a bit as well so running Deca in any of these cycles just doesn’t click. I like the other cycle ideas though. They could all work essentially, but you don’t want to try and re-invent the wheel either.

I propose
Test E 500 1-18
Primo 500 1-18
1TestCyp 500 1-18
Var 80mg ed 12-18

I don’t see any given reason with a proper nutrition plan and planned fitness program that you couldn’t gain 8lbs or more of SOLID lean mass on this run.


Your absolutely right! I don’t know why I had M1T on the mind. Since coming to UGM I really been looking into and researching DHB and M1T.


I like this cycle and the dhb is an awesome addition im loving it!


Very true indeed!


Im a big believer in this. You can pump a gram of testosterone and 4 other compounds and someone who runs 400mg of testosterone with a better diet and training regimen can easily get the same results with alot less side effects


This cycle is honestly what I would really like to do. My last cycle was a test primo cycle and I loved it. I played with my primo dose and 400mg is good I saw 600mg as great 800mg I believe was to much atleast for me because as much as everyone talks about no side effects from primo its not exactly true. Just like with any compound the more you take the more side effects come along with it.
Your idea is looking really good brother I appreciate your help.


Then why didn’t you just say that when I asked you which cycle you were leaning towards?



That picture is probably the best description of where im at. I love that cycle that @Berserker proposed I probably wouldn’t run var that high but its a good looking cycle.
I have to revisit the fact about my arm. I could put that cycle or really any cycle together and 3wks in boom im out for another 2-3 months. This injury is very frustrating for me. Ive been dealing with it now for 3 years and it has realistically changed my life and what im able to do. It also effects me mentally as you can see that im really worried about injuring it worse.
It has me second guessing everything.


I am going to disagree with this because anecdotal evidence dose not support this. In most cases an experienced individual will get better results from a subpar diet using proven doses of multiple compounds then they would with 400mg of test and a perfect diet.

Anabolic steroids are not magic but their effects are not to be minimized either.

They play a bigger role than we give them credit for depending on our goals. Cycle planning is one of the keys of a successful cycle but it does not need to be difficult. Choose a combination that supports your goal… Bulk, 7-12lbs of mass, slight reduction in body fat. The body fat reduction can come easily with a proper diet, use of cardio, etc.


I can agree with your point of view but 3 months after the big cycle of multiple compounds do you believe that person will keep those gains over the person who used less gear with better training and diet?


I think the thing is your comparing a better cycle with bad diet and training to a not so good cycle with better diet and training.

Trying to compare apples to oranges.

Take the same person, great diet and training, then a basic cycle vs a more proven cycle, the results will be better on the proven cycle.

You cant really say “well my diet and training are better” when its really dependant on the person and optimal conditions.

Training is important but so is a proper cycle plan to match the goals. This is why certain compounds are introduced and taken away at various points of a cycle.