Starting to fill up slots for training


Hey fam starting to get a lot of inquires and people signing up for training. I can only fill so many spots before it will be too much for me to handle. Make sure you all get in first. I’m excited to help you all reach whatever your goals are.

I don’t do generic diets or cookie cutter. I have an awesome excel sheet that breaks it all down for you so all you have to do is prepare your food according to portions I layout. I also will put custom workouts together for you based on your goals. And if you want I’ll also help plan out your cycles. We will do check ins 2 times a month every two weeks and we will access where you are heading with your goals and change accordingly!

Who’s ready to get a jump start? Remember for UG fam it’s only $150 a month. I normally charge $250 a month but you guys and gals are fam so I want to pass on that discount to you all. Remember though we have a 6 month minimum agreement to make things really happen and see significant changes.


Fkn peeled big dog!!


Thanks bro shoulder was few weeks before contest legs was a few days out from show.


Very nice bro. I’m in save me a spot.


Already got ya bro!!


How did you do or answer private or generic. I’d sometimes like to say what mags I was in…but💀…I’d probably find out what back room pump video I was in that looks like porn. You looked pretty grainy especially for gym pics! Hope u did well.


I won my class as a light heavy. The heavy weight got me in the overall. Let’s just say when he saw me backstage at prejudging he thought I was a heavy weight. His words were “god damn you’re the biggest light heavy I’ve ever seen”. This guy has been around also. He’s easily top 5 at any of the top level national shows (pro qualifying shows)

We are going to see each other again on national stage. He told me I better not be in the heavies lol


Round 2!! Make sure you take him down brotha full crisp and tight!! Im pulling for you :pray:t2:


Superheavy? It seems to me that lighthvy and heavywt are making a comeback. 212 and classic, which I think they are going to give classic a few more pounds. I’ve been seeing supers that could easily be 225. But like any strategy…more good hvys and I’d move up because you can win the class agsin at 230. My .02. Congrats.


Your shoulder looks like a mountain range on a typography map brother. Looking great I can only imagine how you look in person pictures only do so much justice. Especially when you are really that big.

Keep killing it


Light heavy in any show will always be your toughest competition. I’m a light heavy. My boy is competing in NA this weekend and I’m hoping he finally gets his pro card. I actually have 2 buddies both light heavies. Both always top 2-3 in pro qualifiers. One of them will turn pro this weekend


Hahahaha thanks bro.


I think the overall is Heavyweight bias a lot of times.


Brother your shoulder look like cement. Freakish tight. Very nice. No Homo!


Thanks bro. Have more to go to be ultimate freak. Enjoying high carb today