Is ETALAZE a source on here?


I think they were. Not sure if they still are verified or not. @Bigmurph will know.

Do you have a specific question?


Thanks, I don’t have a particular question , just like to browse different sources, for prices and such, and I seen someone mention them here I think @Azazel2949 maybe but I couldn’t tell how old it was so I figured I’d ask out loud.

#4 was a verified src at ugm along time ago. I have known chico and Kyle for a long time and they said that they were not going to do what they did in the past.
Long story short I took away there verification because I believed that they were not acting like a ugm src should.



Azazel actually tested there sample order for verification.
He was happy but alot of complaints about them so they had to go


That’s that then, appreciate the feedback @Bigmurph