Srcs getting raided because of social media


So this isn’t anything new but it needs to be said multiple sources have gotten busted this year last year and will next year also because of social media. If a src you use has any connection to a social media platform walk away from them.
Recently a src that was verified here and verification was pulled because of a couple of reasons but one being an extremely strong presence on social media. They were raided and taken down it always comes to an end sometime for domestic srcs its not a game and its dangerous. Putting yourself on social media only makes it worse and this is for members and srcs. @TrenGod posted a very informative article about how they use social media to find and arrest people.
This board and every other one of course is watched also so please everyone be careful we all need to be safe and secure online. I believe that over the past couple of years especially younger members because they have grown up online in social media posting there lifestyle are extremely comfortable doing this. I urge you to be careful.

I wish everyone the best be careful and safe brothers and sisters.


social media is nothing but trouble. , myself. i stay clear.


I’m surprised legit sources would even advertise on social media. What we sell is a little different then posting a garage sale on facebook and everything being cool.


This has always really surprised me also.
What surprises me more is how long that they actually get to operate before being shutdown


Yea it is mind blowing honestly. And people interact on the pages and groups


I see people openly talk about gear and everything and I’m like wow you guys are dumb. One guy particular (he was a member here I told him he should send his Facebook group here as Facebook isn’t safe he got mad at me and said that’s he’s apart of several gear related groups on fb and that they aren’t after him. So he deleted me and blocked me. Just heard that he got raided by homeland security.


Play stupid games win stupid prizes


You know what tho if people are stupid enough like Quantum was then thats what they get. Those sources remind me of a monkey trying to fuck a football. No idea what they are doing and shouldnt be trusted.

I posted this earlier and this is just the tip of the problem.

I understand that people like social media and it can be done in more safe manner if you absolutely want to use it.

  1. Never post pictures of yourself. Never let friends post pics of your face either.

  2. Never discuss anything illegal. Nothing.

  3. Never use your real information.

  4. Never use the facebook app on phone or use a browser that you normally use.

  5. Use a VM to access facebook with browser only there.

  6. If you use a mobile set up the facebook app thru TOR only.

  7. Never login to facebook without a VPN or Tor.

  8. Never trust people you dont know on there.

And if you do any type of illegal activity just stay the fuck off it if you dont know what your doing with opsec. But even with all that the second you connect with someone on fb that knows who you really are, you are fucked.

The facial recognition database they have is undoubtedly the largest in the world based on its users. And people openly provide for free all the data of themselves and friends and family. What time they were where with who etc. Pictures saved and stored. What gyms they work out at and when. What they drive. Where they hangout. Then they belong to a group and try and sell or buy illegal drugs to others in the group.

I over heard an attorney on the phone once telling a client they were headed back to prison because their parole officer had a fake female account on their Facebook and printed photo evidence of them violating their parole.

I have no sympathy for stupid people doing stupid shit.


there is a easy answer to this GREED !!!°


I get that sources want to make extra money as a side hustle, but advertising on places like that will just get them in prison. Then their side hustle won’t be helping to much.


Yep 100%


I was thinking to advertise on facebook :smiley: Shall we do or not ?


Stay far away from Facebook Twitter anything like that you can goto posts that @TrenGodhas posted showing that these social media companies are just branches of the NSA intelligence gathering.
Even Google.
I honestly reccomend to everyone that you get a protonmail or tutanota email and don’t be cheap there free versions work but if you pay for the upgraded plan which isn’t much you are so much more protected.
Reddit got alot of sources busted facebook the same also even Craigslist. These companies have departments dedicated to just forwarding information to all federal agencies. To advertise on a platform like Facebook don’t include anything incriminating. Just post links to your posts here that way we know who exactly is looking maybe a little to much at one source or another.
Be safe brothers and sisters.


Good info fellas!


@swoldier someone’s been watching BRIGHT :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: