Srarmydog new here looking for help


Just wanted to introduce myself: retired 68 yrs young lift with my son 6 days a week wanting to improve my lifts and my body physique wanting to find the best testosterone and amounts for my age


Welcome brotha! At your age 200mgs of long ester test like enanthate or cyp and 2iu hgh would make a world of difference! Dont wanna take much more than that as your heart isnt as forgiving as a young mans


Welcome. Start with a TRT dosis, which is average 200 mg a week of testosterone cypionate or enanthate. Blood work is always necessary to Kno where you at at


Thank you for the info it is greatly appreciated


Thank you the VA started me at 100 ml every other week it has’nt done much so I have gone to 200 per week hoping to get better results


Welcome to the board brotha, glad to have you with us! Thank you for your service!!


Thank You


Welcome !!!


Welcome to the boards. I agree with some of the above sentiments at starting out a low almost TRT dose at around 200mg/wk of a long estered testosterone…cyp or enth.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. This is a great board and we are all willing to help. Many experienced cyclers here with a tremendous amount of knowledge.


I would recommend, if at all possible, bloodwork and a preventive scan of femoral, carotid, and aorta. A stress test you’ve probably had. I’m trying to work up the balls to get another scan st 48. The vitamins we use here usually make the blood more viscous. So, of course if there’s any ischemia in arteries or some other things then wanna be more prudent. If your really good then you can follow the advice given and go from there. Welcome. O don’t know your hx, but lifting and eating better will only help especially bone density and dexterity along with strength.


I am bit more conservative and suggest 150mg per week… we often forget the compounding effects over time … food and rest as well as listening to your body will be important as well … don’t forget mobility training as well …particularly as you are older … good luck to you too :wink:


Concerning mobility… Yoga is grossly overlooked and under rated. It’s way cool to be the only male in a room full of ladies in Yoga pants. :wink:

I am 52 and have been doing Yoga Balance for two years now. I wish I had incorporated it sooner.


Welcome to Ugm glad to have you around brother.
Lots of help here with any advice about diet and training.


Besides the view it really does help. I would reccomend to anyone for multiple issues also a good tool.


Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate your thoughts.


Besides the view …



Seriously man, doing yoga with my wife has greatly improved all of my lifts… mobility etc


My dr suggested i start doing yoga as a way to destress i started laughing because im the most immobile MF ever! :sweat_smile: i also thought of all the asses in yoga pants would cause me tremendous discomfort in my man region :wink: jk i should really look into now @SemperFi


Swimming is another option if Yoga isn’t your thing. I have done organized stretching, swimming and yoga, etc. Each have their own benefits. Trust me… the more you do in your 20’s & 30’s to maintain flexibility and mobility the more your body will thank you when you get to be 40+.

Side Note- Yoga is a great way to enhance stabilizer muscle development. Healthy stabilizers increase overall strength and mitigate injury risk.


I’ve been doing yoga - for 23 years I mastered the * Pungu Mayurasana - Wounded Peacock. …I actually became more prone to injury due to my strength increases from length of contraction. Squats 795 for 30, db one triceps 160 x 44. I was getting way to big and to control it I stopped doing yoga. I am no longer master of wounded peacock just a plain old #*&÷cock. I know I’m a bad boy…my defense is the tren. Next is what ninja warrior training or power pump cross fit. And I know I can’t last one yoga workout but if I get challenged I say to Mr Bikrim you must be strapped to squat bar 1.5 to 2 bodyweight x 20 or hands tied to bar for deads 3 x bodyweight x
10 , or lying triceps extensions just come close to bodyweight x 8. Whose doing the testing here? Everyone is AROMATIZING AT CRITICAL LEVEL…OH NO…wives , girlfriends approval, yoga, Pilates…doc we need exmestane stat!! Just last month or so @MBTJR1980 was throwing around 700 like toy blocks , guys were fishing and hunting (I could do a human before a doe but wtf) please lord…do not force me to tithe my supps to Liberia and start hot Yoga, although I do look good in yoga pants because my calves are big.