Sponsorship? Moderation? Who to ask what?


Who to contact for help with

@Bigmurph all sponsor related information
(Advertising, sponsor info, administration)

@Berserker all moderator related information
(Forum info,questions about forum rules,)

If you need help please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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I would also like to remind @members to read the forum updated rules. If contacting me concerning a sponsor I will ignore your PM. As forum moderator I have nothing to do with the sponsors that advertise here at ugmuscle.

If you have any question concerning the forum, the forum rules, a specific post or a category I am here to help but I will not be able to assist any member with sponsor related matters. I am just a member like the rest of you with some added responsibilities. :wink:


On another note 2019 is looking to be an amazing year at and for ugmuscle.com and its members.
We welcome all to our forum were not like other forums as long as you can act like an adult and show respect. The respect will be shown to you and you will be treated like an adult.

Please don’t ever be worried about posting at ugmuscle. We’re uncensored and we don’t allow bashing so unlike other forums we welcome simple questions and we like to help and give advice. No one here will ever tell you that you are stupid or that you have no business using gear. You might get told that you should wait because of health reasons or other factors but what you choose to do we respect that and only want to make sure that we can help you get the right advice that maybe at another forum you couldn’t get because the members there decided to act like they are high and mighty.
That doesn’t happen here all our sponsors are verified sponsors so there all equal no ranking system. We also believe that every member is also equal whether just starting out or a veteran. We can all help each other somehow.
I hope that the members and new members reading this will start posting because the amount of members we have that don’t ever post is extremely high and I would like to have everyone in the conversation.
Just the same anyone can contact me anytime but in 2019 im going to ask that if you’re contacting me with a question for private advice im going to ask you to post publicly also and I will still help privately but I want everyone to have the chance to help.
Thanks to all my brothers and sisters at ugmuscle and Anabolicdevelopment