Sponsor ratings! lets all get on the same page


Just a general question that i am asking UGM and its members… when someone does a rating what would you like to see get rated or reviewed? ive seen a million of them and i know that shipping, communication, TA … blah blah bah… is always a general review, but I would like to know is there a standard at UGM that consumers are looking for? What are you looking for as far as basic information is concerned about a sponsor that someone is posting, and can we as members on UGM get on the same page with a rating scale? 1-5 1-10 a-b-c-d-f???


This is a great question and im going to give a long answer


Alright so to answer your question there is in the works something that will be put in place at ugmuscle.com.
When reading reviews don’t pay attention to the “this sponsor is a god” type of review. Look for reviews that actually describe the entire cycle. Try to find reviews that the member has actually used the products and talks about gains. I don’t believe that anyone can review a product in under 8wks from the time it was received. Even longer on hgh.
Look for bad reviews every single business on earth gets good and bad reviews. No bad reviews can be a red flag or it could be a must order it depends upon the quality of the reviews written.
When you see a review that says the gear was fire I loved it best src ever.
That doesn’t tell me anything except that is a bs review. It doesn’t tell you what was used and how. It doesn’t tell you about gains side effects or really anything. Probably 99% of reviews like this are bs.
Changes are coming soon that I believe the community will really appreciate.
We are working hard on this.


Thanks for all you do @Bigmurph


Thank you!


I’d like to add to this from a sources perspective. I think a review should have two parts. The first being the service provided. Meaning, did they answer your emails in a timely manner? Did they process your order quickly? Did they ship quickly? When you received your package, was everything accounted for and if not, what went wrong?
The follow up of the review should come a few weeks later after you’ve been running the gear, so that people can read about what you think of the product.
I know people get excited when their pack arrives, but just saying a source is good to go, doesn’t really help other people who may be on the fence about using a particular lab.


Agreed but what my original question was for all of us to get on the same page… I want all of us as members to be able to report back to ugm and be on the same page. Anybody can keep adding to what would be necessary or fair, but in the end as long as we all follow the same guidelines it may reduce false, fake bullshit review


@josh we already do this like @Bigmurph just stated. We can’t tell
People they can’t say only good things. It’s their review. They write it as they want to. We aren’t here to govern and control people. Sponsors get good reviews and now we are seeing bad. People are afraid to post a bad review for fear of backlash from fan boys. If you don’t post negative review how’s the sponsor suppose to get better I think everyone is pretty much on same page. You could be in a different book but we will get you on board lol. @SemperFi and @Fitraver will leave a crayon trail for you to follow lol.


Im game to follow that trail as long as it makes me better…