Speedy on the orders


So I made a small order tonight with @paramexer… Speedy response time paid tonight ships tomorrow. Once I get the product I’ll deff let yall know


Thanks for sharing the information and I look forward to hearing more of your feedback. Member reviews are all we really have to go by in this game.


Def let us know man he looks like another amazing source!


@paramexer is definitely GTG… utilized for several compounds, was on his Sustanon / Tren Eth for the past 12 weeks. Certainly happy with the results. Additionally, communication is prompt and shipping is discreet and timely.


@paramexer never let me down yet. Great source.


Got my order today. Very nice am satisfied


Im really glad to hear that @paramexer is doing good.
I appreciate when sponsors make sure that members are happy.
Paramexer and members


Awesome trying him soon too. Hey @Bigmurph how come I don’t see a sponsors page


The product was sealed and wrapped for safegaurd!!! A+
Product looks good quality. I’ll start in a week or so. Once I try the product I’ll give a review I purchased sust250 and tren a


@Massmonster42 I believe you have to have a certain number of posts to qualify to see the sponsors page.


Very good to hear. Being new to the page, I’m always leery of trying a new source. Its always nerve whracking as all hell sending funds off and not knowing if you’ll get what ya paid for. Been burned a few times so Im glad to see many good things about this source and the few others here that I’ve never seen. Gonna be placing my own order soon.


no worries with that here, i take care of everybody


Paramexer is my favorite source you won’t get burned


I love those 20ml vials too!


Hmm. Wasnt aware we could post things like this in the open. Good to know :slight_smile:


Another successful order … 3 days from order to delivery! @paramexer


@Bigmurph does this need moved to a diff section?