Source and Stack for bulking cycle


Greeting everyone, this is my first time joining a forum and i was hoping some of you could point me in the right direction and offer advice for my next cycle. I’ve only done two cycles so far, the first was just test e with aromasin and clomid, and the second was test e with dianobol, Clomid, and aromasin. I think I got burned with the dbol so I was hoping to switch to a non domestic source as I’ve heard they’re typically more reliable and was wondering if you had any suggestions? Also wanted to start a bulk cycle in October, take some time off, and then do a cut stack in April. The first cycle I did went really well and the second one wasn’t terrible, but I just expected more with the dbol. Test seems to work really good for me. With the next cycle I was just hoping to put on around 15 to 20 pounds of mostly lean muscle before starting pct. I’ve been thinking about some of the test mixes from pharmacom for 10-12 weeks with some dbol for the first six weeks. I’m also wondering what you would recommend for pct? I’ve only used clomid along with aromasin for both of mine, but was thinking about getting some nolvadex but am not too sure on doses and when to start taking it. I’ve also read that nolva can reduce muscle and strength gains but I don’t know if there’s any truth to that. Stats are: 6’1” 178lbs, 24 years old. Thank you to anyone for the help


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Pct is typically nolva and clomid and you can run an ai in combo. Nolva will not hurt you like you implied.


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I personally don’t like a test mix to many esters hitting and peaking at different times and controlling estrogen levels can get a little crazy especially after your last inj. I do know a lot of guys that will only use sust so its really a preference. I would study hard about half lives and esters so you can understand how they both effect the testosterone levels.
Dbol is a great bulking compound but its all about diet and training. As long as your training hard and eating big you will get big the compounds control how big and the type of big. Example dbol alot of water through estro conversion but leaves great muscle after cutting down,tbol less water heavy strength gains and good muscle as your strength grows. It all comes from the fuel which is the food and the training.

A solid pct is a pharma grade pct with clomiphene and Nolvadex. Some guys like hcg ive used it and it helps but I would use it in the future once pct becomes harder.
The cookie cutter method is 100/40 2 wks 50/20 2 wks started 2-4wks after last inj depending on compounds and esters. I used both a couple of times but I was able to just use nolvadex once and now I blast and cruise.


Welcome to the board my man! Hope you can find all the info you need here. There’s a plethora of knowledge to found in these threads. One could call it the “Underground Encyclopedia”


Welcome and steroids are a great help but diet is everything
Adding 10 lean muscle would be a great run
I would say 20 pounds would be water or fat.
From my experience.
Maybe my diet just sucks lol