Sorry been MIA. Busy last few weeks


Hey UGM family @members sorry I’ve been absent for a while. Been super busy with life and work and things I’m working on for the future. Which I will be sharing here very soon. Keep grinding and I’ll
Post up show pictures soon. Thanks everyone for the support. I placed 7th in the nation in my class. Pretty pumped about that and I just started my meadows training using his carnage plan. And let’s say holy shit am I sore.


Outfuckingstanding, lookin forward to seein your legs.


Oh god not again lol


Quad pump after meadows Carnage program!


Ha ha, oh not again, and you give me exactly what I want


Glad to see you brother


oh, Life is always busy.


Great to see you stop in @PHD. Do your thing bro. You know where to find us when things settle down in your neck of the woods.


Congrats on 7th bud keep up the hard work will be 1st in no time.






Major congrats!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Good to see you brother