Some thoughts on estrogen and it’s effect on digestion


I have had some issues with digestion lately. I have had them in the past too. My stomach had been MUCH better the last several months with help from a doc but recently it was like I went back to my old issues, one being major constipation.

I was racking my brain today and doing some research and realized I’m pretty confident my issues may be stemming from too low of estrogen. I read that low estrogen leads to less bile production and causes a backup In the small intestines which can lead to awful stomach problems and constipation.

My last e2 blood work came back at 8, which is def low. I’maways so focused on not getting gyno, that sometimes I think I overdue it. Right now I also have lots of pain in my left wrist which I think is tied to it as well.

So I went and pulled bloods and we will see where I’m at. Stopped my Adex until I get results.

This also led me to another question. I have done cycles of 600 test before and used same amount of adex I was on and e2 was fine. Even at the beginning of this cycle when I had 6 week bloods done it was up in range. So it got me to thinking, when we are at a low body fat, like I am now after a big cut, I wonder if less adex is needed to control estrogen. I guess that would make sense considering I know higher body fat leads to more estrogen related sides. May be something to think about your next cutting cycle and see if your bloods show the same

This is just some food for thought and maybe will help someone else who may have similar issues. I’m always learning and this was sort of an “AHAAAAA” moment. The light bulb clicked haha.


I’m not that highly knowledgeable when it to anti-es and digestion and how it effects your gastro track but if your E2 is that low would cutting back on your dose of adex be of any benefit?


@01dragonslayer short answer is yes. But there could be other unknown issues that could be having an affect. I hope @Fitraver can get it figured out. I have experienced joint pain with low e2 but never digestive issues.

Fit do you take probiotics and digestive enzymes?


@01dragonslayer well yeah if my e2 is low then I need to cut back the adex to let it rise lol it won’t help to keep doing the same dose it’ll just stay where it is.

@SemperFi yes I have. They haven’t been much assistance. I try to always run digestive enzymes it on a decent bulk.


@Fitraver sweet. Off topic - When bulking… actually anytime… I use protease enzymes to break down proteins and lipase to break down fat and fatty acids.

FYI- A little less known common side effect of arimidex is joint pain. I don’t think it is that common for men because of the much lower dose.


Gains in bulk has an awesome digestive enzyme for athletes. Check theirs out. And yessir. Think that’s whats playing with my wrist hurting so bad. I thought it was just the windy but I’ve been off that weeks now.


I will… Thanks for the lead. EDIT- wow… that is a good price for what you get!


Had a buddy show me them awhile back. They cover all bases and as you said great price.


Sorry you are having this issue. Let us know what you find out and if you get any relief. I might suggest trying some Psyllium husk for a few days to see if that loosens things up a bit and increase your intake of magnesium.


Yeah neither of those things work. Been there but appreciate the insight. I’m just majorly bummed out cuz for about 8 mo this everything was better and I can’t tell you how good it felt. Digestion issues suck ass.

I really think it’s my e2. We will see what bloods show Monday.


…learning a lot from this thread. Thanks to both of ya for all your input and suggestions.


I’ve got some gut issues too. Celiac and some ibs from time to time.

I get some obvious sides when my e2 gets low, but have not noticed any connections to gut issues.

I think mine are often food triggered, or stress.


Good to know bro. One of the sites I was reading on was talking about how low e2 could make ibs worse. I will try to find the link I was reading and post here if I remember.


@Fitraver @Burrr I did a simple google search in my insomnia and there are multiple articles concerning sex hormones and the link to IBS symptoms. Much that I browsed through spoke specifically about females and I didn’t spend much time digging deeper. High or low estrogen was linked to symptoms in the articles I was able to skim through.

Here is an abstract… very long and boring for a guy who barely has a high school education and who does not have IBS. :wink:


adex causes gastro issues on its own brother, nothing to do with estrogen

check out asin or low dose letro if adex gives you that kinda problems

"### Gastrointestinal

Very common (10% or more): Nausea (20%), vomiting (11%)
Common (1% to 10%): Abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, dyspepsia, gastrointestinal disorder, dry mouth"


Thanks again my brothas. The more I read and learn from this thread the I think I make go toward aromasin then adex.


Unfortunately I have to take what comes from my doc and adex is the option for my trt. Aromasin would cost me out the ass :frowning:


When looking at the listed side effects for aromatase inhibitors you have to consider the fact that a woman is taking a larger dose and knocking her estrogen down to near zero.
That must be so brutal four women fighting cancer.

I forget the numbers but IBS is much more common in women than in men


This was he info I found from an article when researching the subject that made me feel like it could be leading to my issues. Would make sense. Again , as the others, this was in reference to women, but I’d assume the affect would be the same on men.

“While having too much estrogen can lead to bloating, having too little estrogen can also contribute to abdominal discomfort. That’s because estrogen also has an effect on the production of bile - when estrogen levels are low, bile production decreases. Bile is fluid produced by the liver that aids in digestion. Bile helps to emulsify fats from the foods we eat and aids in cholesterol synthesis. It also acts a lubricant for our small intestines. Without proper lubrication, stool can accumulate within the small intestines and cause bloating, as well as constipation.”


Well ass, lol my e2 was at 33 and perfect. Now I haven’t taken adex in 3 days where I had been on .25 ed so it’s prolly climbed higher. Gunna go back on. Guess that wasn’t my issue :confused: