Some Serious **** Going Around. Euroking-Gear. Scammers and Potentional Scammers Linked Together. Eroids Involvement. Top MuscleGuru Sources



As the Admin here, let me be clear. We will call out any source or sources that look to be scammers or possible scammers in the best interest of the members on our site. This will be a very long post but please keep with me and see where this is going. I ask any member to share this on other forums these sources are at and welcome them to explain this. One source is a long time member of Eroids and it seems every site is on or has been on Eroids, offering the same products, good and bad reviews, some people never receiving their orders and what is known in the industry as selective scamming.

This means that “X” member who is well known and respected will get a good product. Then “Y” member who is new and no one knows will get a fake product or in some cases, no product at all.

This post will go into the General section for discussion and see if any of these sources including will come on and explain a few things. We also know that you can buy your way and reviews with BFG and mods on Eroids fairly easy. So for that matter I will screen shot the posting there rather then link.

The other day, @PHD made a post in regards to getting a certain pro bodybuilder on the board here. A new user “ghera” made a post and posted a back link to a site for steroids. I asked @Bigmurph who handles the section on verified sources and was found that this new user refused to go thru a simple verification as a source. Besides his writing being shit something seemed off on the site when I looked at it. Seemed Ive seen this site with a different name prior in what I can only describe as a Chinese scammers site.

His backlink went to the following

Now a quick check of the site information shows numerous steroid shops on the same server:

Now at first question I think people should be aware of is that orders from all those sites are on the same server. One person hacking the server as what happened to NAPS previously would expose the orders of all those sites. And this server is located in the US, in particularly in St Louis, Missouri. Which ordering from sites with an easy to access server from any US federal agency is just plain fucking stupid and no one should trust their info to this. All these sites are linked together.

Now lets take a closer look at some of these sites and their relation to eroids. There are more servers involved as well in this web.

A check of the first site, that was posted here is not listed on eroids. Next I searched was on eroids prior. You can see them here. They were pushed by basic accounts and had complaints of people not receiving orders.

If you go to it forwards you to which is also on the same server. A look at their site is the same template of site as the spam link that was posted here.

They currently promote to be on Musclegurus forum. Next one I picked on the list. A quick search on eroids produces the site Someone as little as three weeks ago calling them out as a scammer. Now is no longer working. But you can see the site cache in the eroids profile here.

Now on the same server as the others forwards to Which is the same site template as the others.

Now where it gets more interesting that the site massroids is on another server. Where you guessed it, more roid sites all strung out with same templates.

You can see all the sites are the exact same templates sites offering the exact same products.

Now lets take a second to see who the new user @ghera site was since it wasnt on eroids… found this one on the server as well:

This site was on eroids prior or tried to be at least…

And if you spend the time back and forth you will see the patterns of people not receiving their orders.

Now I want to focus on EuroKing-Gear. Euroking is on the same servers as well. Euroking also sells the exact same products as all these spam/scammer sites do. EuroKing is a source in good standing on Eroids. And they rate it and mods will protect this source on comments.

If to say all these sites were not related, why would they all be sharing the same servers, and providing all the exact same products. There is seriously not a site on the server that has different products. They all provide same things.

Scammers tend to create multiple sites. That way they can selective scam and keep money from some people while not for others. All these sites, all on eroids at some point or I assume will be submitted shortly.

At this point I’d like someone to give a logical reason for all the same sites, same products and selective scamming or burning sites out and using new ones. As always we are here for the members and take our verified sources and sponsors seriously. Share this, warn others and let them come on here and give a logical reason for this. As of now, I personally will call these guys out as scammers.

Open for discussion. If you have any other information feel free to message our mod team @PHD @Bigmurph

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@TrenGod wow that is insane. Glad we checked up
On this guy. Like I said his writing seemed way off and I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. I hate scammers and liars. Let’s spread the word on the scammers and any other scammers any of our members know of and can be verified. There are too many people out there that prey on people that don’t know better or that trust a person blindly. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve lost on scammers and theifs. @QuantumPeptides_seth @Bigd35 @Bigmurph @TrenGod


This type of detective work is truly inspiring. Insanely informative to read this in its entirety to understand the basic principles in identifying how sites scam regarding URL’s pointing to the same servers. Wow, I would love to be on a task force from UGMuscle that investigates the legitimacy of sites all day long. Impressive work, very admirable.


Thanks. Something seemed off the way he tried to hide a link and then to tell our mod that handles verified sources he wasnt interested in being verified. There is really no excuse for this. The fact that every source on these sites are all selling the same products, same templated sites, etc. Its not as if they just happen to have the same web designer. You dont contact a source and say “hey, who is your web developer?” and someone selling illegal drugs will respond with who runs their site for them. All of these people are tied together. Of all the sources out there on the internet there is no source on these servers selling private UGL gear. These all have the same products, same keywords, etc. If you view the source code of each site you can see this.

I do think there should be a more active way of finding scammers before they steal too much money. Too many other boards will cover for the scammers and have their teams of people to post for them to make it seem like its ok.

I wanted to expand on something so I guess I will do it here. One of the guys was asking me what I meant when I said about naps and peoples information being exposed. Most customers and people online dont understand how servers work. All these sites are one server. On this server is (for simple terms) a database manager. Now that can be something like PHPmyadmin. Inside phpmyadmin you will have all the databases for each of the sites on the server. So in the event the server database is hacked/seized by law enforcement etc, then all the customers information- orders, addresses, names, dates, etc are all in the same place.

For those that were on the old UGM, privacy and security was always discussed. We felt if you are a customer you should always understand the risks and who you are dealing with online.


Another thing. Some of the photos are the exact same photos on each site.

And this

Im sure they will try to start changing things around once they see what they are being called out on. However there’s no denying this are the same.




Not to leave out our local little backlinker @ghera who has the same info and prices…



Just stopped to say I posted this on another site. After people started questions they deleted it. Those guys have been selective scammers for years. Good work calling them out.


Wow so much good information @TrenGod way to find out how they scam people.


Oh shit. Eroids is going to go into meltdown. I can hear the excuses now haha. Faggot BFG and his gimps will be all over making excuses for him. Brb. Grabbing popcorn and checking around.


He is really fucking amazing with what he can do. I definitely wouldn’t want to be on the other side of a keyboard against him.
He is a genius honestly


If anyone knows of a scam site im always open to hear about it. I make a strong effort to keep everyone here safe so im always trying to keep up with every board out there.


Hahahaha @wizard grab me a bucket also. We will always do people right and expose the scammers. @Bigmurph lol @TrenGod is deff dangerous behind the keyboard he text me this morning said he was going to blow it up lol


Someone pointed out to me that on another board they claimed they were “sharing” a server and that was all lol. Gtfo with that shit. No one shares servers. Like they can’t even afford a $15 a month VPS to run their scam lol.

I was just talking to a source from eroids about this post and it was mentioned that EuroKing has always been a selective scammer in the past and it’s well known in the source owners forum there. To each their own I guess as long as it’s not to our members.

I only have one thing to say to the Chinese scammers out there.


@TrenGod hahahaha that video lol. Yea wtf sharing servers??? Wow


@BigD thanks for spreading the word. Of course they will delete it this is HUGE


I Officialy Declare that We are a REAL Shop - and maybe my only mistake was to put Backlink - SORRY !
We are on Market from 2006 - under different sites (such circumstations) and this should Say something Probably!
About Qualitity and Trustness: How may any new site become imidiately aproved by everybody as Trusted - If you not yet even try to belive it. Of Course only when You are beliving in someone who sponsors You whit a free Gear or pay to promote …


@ghera Explain a few things then:

  1. Why is your site exactly the same template, products and prices of the others?

  2. If your previous domain is still working why are creating a new one?

  3. Why do the sites use the exact same pictures and keywords as the others?

Being on the market from “2006” under all these different names doesnt mean much. Naps has been around longer under one name. Show a forum where your previous site and current site is listed under good standing.

If you have been around since 2006 this wouldnt be hard.


I seen it up there yesterday to. Now it’s gone imagine that. I think it lasted about 20 minutes. I’ve seen it happen many of times over the years on their site and they cover it up real quick


Naps has been around for a long time its my goto international. They have had to bounce there domain name around to this or that but the actual website has always been the same except for the labs changing.