Some pics, starting Omni labs

Omni labs is impressive so far. I won the Mayweather/McGregor guess contest.they hooked me up, I had to get some extra stuff. Very cool. I’m just gonna do like a 6 week blast with the TNE, which makes me wonder if others are dosed right. I am sweating, breaking out and a little more fucked up then usual in the head.

I mean , when I feel good I go right into planning the assault on masters north Americans, nabba USA, I came close but anyway good supps give me tunnel vision and I go from that pic above to more full and vascular, at 47 by the 2018 shows I’ll weigh 230 onstage hopefully cut to heavyweight but in this pic I’m 246. So I’ll give review on Omni blend, tne, anavar, winstrol. I will add some IPS or para pharma NPP, prop, mast p to the blend. So I can just do 2 blend per week and 2 of each separate or just order another. Being in the game so long, I don’t go up 100 lbs on bench. I just get dryer , harder and that skin tightens. ( From the 285 days) my last show while back, beat some pros but they we’re just getting goin.


Looking good brother Keep us updated on the @Omni gear quality.

Im curious about the var especially


I’m following this! You look great BTW!

i agree excellent work. looking great