Some bitch is DDos attacking the site again


Anyways so it’s not the first time and most likely won’t be the last. Someone is attempting a shitty DDos on us. If you have problems getting to site reload page in a minute later.

If you hear of anyone on others boards talking shit or sources about this pm @Bigmurph or myself with the info.




Must be jealous of how awesome this site is so that have to try to fuck it up? People suck!!


@TrenGod what is usually the motive behind this? just to try and shut the site down temporarily?


Jealousy and envy of our achievements
We have made a few enemies along the way and of course they see us as a threat to there site.
I love that we have @TrenGod though because as many times as they have tried he always makes sure that we don’t have to worry about them.

Yes please contact me if you ever have any information about anything. If information is useful and helps us you will definitely be happy to be part of UGM.
Trust me and discretion is how we do things.