Somatropin vs Semorelin


So I’m looking for some advice on continuing a growth hormone protocol that basically is for anti-aging. Quick background, I’m currently taking 2 ius of generic GH from a reliable source (as reliable as one can hope… based on reviews…fingers crossed) … been on this protocol for 6 months. Was taking pharma grade Semorelin, 300 mcgs daily (empower pharmaceuticals). Overall, the cost is relatively the same and I haven’t notice any significant physical changes between the two (ie one provides better physiological effects than the other)…both help to keep me lean and generally feeling healthy at 44 years old in conjunction with TRT protocol. So the question becomes which is more beneficial to stay on “long term”…If anyone has any experience with this please share. Thanks guys!


I’d like to know as well. I was doing genotropin earlier this year and didn’t notice any difference from pharmatropin besides less bloating and less lower back stiffness. I’d like to go back to generic if I could find a quality source. I tried hygetropin a while back and was disappointed


I don’t ever reccomend an exact sponsor for anything but in this situation im going to say to use @MGT there hgh is the best price and the best quality product in my opinion that you can get for hgh right now.
Take advantage stay away from peptides unless you know for sure that it is really what you want.

I want to say sorry to all other sponsors.
There hgh is fine to use but @MGT is the top of the generic branded hgh right now.

This is what you want


Thank you @Bigmurph !