Hello friends, is anybody familiarized with the following product: Somatrope 50iu Wirkstoff : Somatropin German labs. I have an opportunity to get this for very, very good price; all the research i have made about it seems to be good, except for one or two saying that is actually generic hgh. I need your feedback


Im not familiar with the lab but online there are multiple versions. I saw some only have white tops others have the tops in that photo. I also saw multiple holograms on the product they claim to be the real version.
It could be a generic it could be a counterfeit.
Its really hard to tell nowadays because there so good at counterfeiting products.
My first red flag is you saying that you can get it at a really good price. Real hgh especially pharma grade is expensive. If its discounted heavily I would be cautious about buying it.
There pricing I was seeing on that kit were around 800-900$ if its a fraction of that price I would ask the src to prove that it’s legitimate before handing over any funds.


WOW…thanks for the enlightenment; am gonna hit you with a pm on this one , okay?


Yes def good advice from Bigmurph bro pharma grade hgh is big money so if someone is trying to sell you supposed pharma hgh at super low price chances are its no bueno prob fake or counterfeit! Stay with trusted sources and best of luck brotha :facepunch:t2: