So you want to be lean?


When it comes to being lean and fit, we have to focus on developing positive lifestyle habits that continuously lead to progressive changes over time. Too many people focus on the fads and shortcuts, but it’s all about developing lifestyle habits.

Now, just a disclaimer, being “lean” doesn’t necessarily mean having 5% bodyfat. I know that’s some peoples goals and there is nothing at all wrong with that, but being lean doesn’t mean you have to look like a model does on the cover of a magazine. You can be lean at healthier, more optimal and ideal bodyfat ranges.

So habits like being active daily and strength training 3-5x a week (whether that be full body, PPL, or upper/lower splits) are essential. Also, we need to focus on what we consume because it all starts in the kitchen. Nutrient-dense foods are the key to optimal health and fitness.

Another important thing is that, even though training hard and eating right is essential, understanding rest and recovery is equally important. The go hard every single day attitude is flaud and doesn’t work because you adapt and grow and lean out when you recover. Finally, be sure you stay patient and consistent and never compare your journey to someone else’s. How you progress on your journey is what is important, not how that compares to someone else’s.


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