So many new users


So many new users if you’re new to the family please write an introduction we would like to get to know who you are.
Im always here to help so any new members hit me up anytime.
Don’t be afraid to post anything even if you are new to all of this everyone here is here to help. Its not like other sites were if you ask a question you get bashed.
Please ask away and write an introduction.



And thats why I love this site. You don’t have a bunch of cheerleaders griping about “not following” rules or not giving advice because they don’t agree with what you are doing.


Thats why we started ugm so that we could give members the opportunity to openly ask the questions they have without worrying about someone tearing them apart for just not being an expert.
Im no expert but what I know i would like to be able to help. We all know something about everything be bbing or everyday life.
Collectively we can do better than just being on our own getting horrible advice from Google searches instead of someone’s actual real life experiences.


Moolg here. Interested in taking the wild ride that is AAS. I’m 25 this year, 174lb 5’7, husky thicc like Nathan mozango, just not as shredded or massive.
Dialing in my diet currently at approx. 1600-1800 kcal right now. Trying to cut down some adipose tissue before hopping on, don’t wanna aromatize any easier. I’m also a Nurse, so blood values aren’t totally foreign to me, and neither are injection techniques.

Came here because I was initially gonna use SST to get gear. I’m curious how legit is naps? Money means nothing if I can get high quality pharma grade gear, just need a surefire source and a couple backups, pleased to make everyone’s acquaintance


Napsgear is legit I use them for my Pharma grade year and all sorts of Pharmaceutical they’re getting a bad rap right now because they had a para Pharma promo and there about 6 months behind on shipping.

Welcome to UGM brother you can always hit me up anytime im here to help


Thanks for the invite!

I have been around since the early days of forums… Anabolex and such. Used to go by the handle of buffman if anyone was around then.

I’m 42, have been getting back into this lifestyle after long hours and traveling for work took its toll on me. Didn’t feel good, look good. I have really taken a liking to strongman. Set up my garage gym with kegs and logs and stones for when I’m home.

Just started poking around here hopefully i can be an asset to the community here seems like a good group of people


Welcome over guys!


Welcome to all even the Murse. Smart move stripping off the fat first. This community is supportive and knowledgeable check out the verified sources on here.


Welcome to the fam brothers!!! Anything you need we are here to help!


Welcome over.


Hi everyone. New member here. Ive been in the game a long time and needed a change from the reg boards Im on. Hoping this will be my new home. Back in the day my favs were gear99, oscaro, and doing business with the chinaman. Hopefully I can chime in here and there and get to know you all.




New guy post. I’m on hrt and want to take advantage of it with other gear to get huge but need help. I am 46yo, 176#, 6.2% bf and own my own gym. I workout everyday focusing on one mucle group at a time. I lose weight so quickly that I have to eat 7 to 8 times a day. Deca bulks me up quickly but I don’t like the bloat.


Hey bro. Welcome! Start a thread on it if you want help and people will post in. Just easier in your own thread to focus on what works for your situation.


What’s up everyone. Neme here. I’m new to message boards and all but I’m liking the community here. I’m 35, 5’10" & 135lbs. Been hitting the gym, eating right for several years with not a lot of growth. Genes mostly. Looking to try some new things to hopefully get an edge at the gym. I’ve been doing some research and my first thought was to start simple and light like 50mg Var followed by a solid PCT. Not looking for any crazy gains, just some strength and definition. Advice?
Thanks in advance!




Hey guys just joined. Been at this for 11 years. 6 ft 265 and jusr love the game. I would consider myself a vet but always learning new shit. A good buddy showed me this board and I’m excited to be apart of this family. I been around the boards so some my have seen me. But I’m open for any questions and looking forward to learning new things as well. Thanks for letting me join the family. @phd and @trengod for bringing me on


Welcome !!!


@Swolezilla my man glad to have you on here bro!


Glad to have you as a member at Welcome to the community