So many new people, but how many couples are on UGM


As everybody has seen, I tag my wife and try to get her involved in some of the discussions on here at UGM, so I got curious about how many guys on here actually get the wives involved in what’s going on here at UGM. Just curious @SemperFi maybe we can start something for the couples on here?
Just something im thinking about… I know your work load is huge since your “promotion”!:+1:


@Mrs-Bigmurph reads but never posts she learns alot from the site. She isn’t into the lifestyle but she finds things that fit her life and uses them.


That’s freaking awesome bro, I know i’ve heard you speak of your wife, but glad she gets on and reads up!


To funny you must have posted this before i said something about couples competition. Great minds think alike. Lol


Same as @Bigmurph. My wife is not involved, I do share some of my learned knowledge with her though. In fact she recently began an anavar cycle and loves it. So we’ll see.



Please ask your wife to create an account and describe the anavar cycle she is currently running. I ask this because it can help so many other women out there to know the true benefits and the true side effects of the cycle.
I would really appreciate it


Just like MrsBigmurph she’s not too heavy into the lifestyle (yet) but works out 3 x weekly. Through my learning on here she became intrigued by Anavar. She’s into week 2 of 10mgs ED.
Current results as described by her: extreme strength gains and mental focus in the gym. Some muscle fullness but not too bulky. Not as much fat loss fat loss as she expected, but she was slim and fit to begin with. She’ll finish her 8 week cycle and report her findings. I’ll report her findings unless she gets hooked herself and creates her one account.


@Mrs-Bigmurph has even written a couple of posts which were about diet because that’s what she is here for.

I know that your wife might not want to be a part of the community every day active but if she could post just her opinion on a female anavar cycle I would really appreciate it. If you could just say BIGMURPH was wondering if you would do all the other females in the world 1 small favor and just do 1 write up about her experience.

LOL LOL :grin::grin::grin:


I’ll ask, sprinkles and smiley faces don’t work on her though. (believe me I’ve tried) Only thing that works are $300+ purses, shinny, glittery shit and rediculous expensive shoes.
Your request will be passed on however lol.


@mommie2008 would appreciate it also… she has been trying to read up on all this. Trying to learn and get involved


@Bigmurph, @josh your persistence has paid off. She has agreed to create an account and post her findings :).


Tell her I truly am thankful and that she will be helping a couple of 100,000s of females who look for information online

Thanks to you and the mrs. Brother


Hi guys!! @Bigmurph @josh this is @Sivmig’s wife here to share some feedback on anavar. It’s been 9 days since I started on 10mg of var. Let me just start by saying that I have been working out for 1/2 my life and have tried EVERY diet under the sun. Needless to say, I’ve been a faithful GNC customer - always chasing the next “big thing.” With that said and being used to the ridiculous jitters from thermogenics, I was expecting a hulk-like reaction from my first dose of var. :roll_eyes::woman_zombie:
On my second dose, I OWNED the gym. No jitters from fat burners or pre-workouts but MAN this thing kicks ass! I had extreme pumps, extreme focus and energy and ZERO muscle fatigue. I was able to lift 5lbs above my usual weight and could very well max out on reps/sets with ease. Coming into my second week I have to say results are pretty impressive. I have continued to increase strength consistently, shoulders and legs look AMAZING and I’m definitely noticing a huge difference in physique overall. I was very hesitant to try this anavar but sooo glad I did. I give it a 10 and a thumbs up. I’ll continue to keep you guys updated on results. Heck I might even get motivated to compete…:smirk::high_heel::high_heel::lipstick::muscle:


@Bigmurph sure thing. Detailed report posted by her.


@Sivmig we are married to the same woman!!!


I feel your pain brother :sob:


Thanks for sharing your info!
@mommie2008 good info for you


@josh you’re most welcome! By no means am I trying to represent myself as a professional or expert in the matter but I’m glad to share my experience if it means helping someone along the way with honest feedback. I hope your wife finds this useful in some way and decides to take the plunge! Good luck!! :blush:


She will end up reading it later this evening…:+1:


Are there any negative side effects you have experienced so far? Is this the first time you have used any gear?