Snacking while on a workout


I have been seeing younger people eating snacks while on a break in their workout. From what I know, eating when exercising is not good for the body. The muscles and flesh are tensed when doing the workout so the digestive system becomes prone to indigestion. I even believe drinking water should be controlled so as not to affect the stomach but to maintain hydration.


Absolutely right, once you eat or drink your parasympatic nervous system takes over suppressing good flow to skletic periferic muscles (sympatic). Now I know some predigested drinks that will require no digestion and will go right thru stomach walls into the blood stream


What is a predigested drink? And yeah why would you want to eat during a workout you should come to the gym already fueled, I would think if your that hungry or thirsty that you need to eat/drink during workout it’s to late… I bring a water to sip on while working out, but if you aren’t already hydrated and fueled up by the time you get to gym it’s to late


Some people drink glutamine while working out for recovery, some people drink, dextrose (sugar) to keep feeling




I will drink a intra shake threw my heavy work outs esp when I’m on slin


I sip on my branch chains while I work out but I’ve never heard of eating snacks.


kids ,be bringing there homework soon


I would think it would get a little messy and possibly a distracting when your on the preacher bench and the guy next to ya doin’ squats is chomping on a meatball sub.