Slow first start! But got it in


Finally made it back to a gym, other than using my home gym… it was a little busy so I just was doing what I could while just checking the place out at the same time

Wasn’t even gonna try doing legs after all the walking I did at work today… freaking unbelievable


keep up that fire man!


Working on it… got a rest day tomorrow!


Great job bud thats how to get after it


Thanks bro👍trying my best right now


What app is that you’re using for notes? Looks great lol & keep up the great work :ok_hand:


It’s the jefit app
There are a million different things you can do with the app. And every little thing you do or add for exercise or routine is documented to the second, and everything can be modified as you see fit to do


Let’s say you’re changing phones… Can you like email the info to yourself or save on account etc?


If you change phones all you gotta do is re download the app and it’ll ask if your already a jefit user so you just put in your username and password and all data is right back where you left off… you can even use the website to check everything from your home computer
Id put the name of the website on here for you but I’m not sure if I can, so you should be able to figure it out or PM me