Sleeping aid


Since i started with the adex i have noticed my sleep got kind of lighter, on top of that the addition of the masteron prop, more cardio and less carbs has certainly had a impact in my rest at night time. I will sleep one good night and then one or two not so good. I started going up from 2 to 5 mg melatonin; Is there anything that you gentleman use that i could as well ?? (no benadryl though)


Try looking into valerian root, lavender, tryptophan, and even magnesium.


Awesome thanks


That sucks buddy, and I can’t suggest anything, I been taking prescription slept meds since I been back from Iraq and with the stuf I’m running, it’s overpowering the sleep meds, but on a positive note I still have plenty of energy during the day! My woman takes melatonin also but it doesnt work that good


I slept like a baby last night



You that from Walmart?


Yes, works well


Thanks may try that I usually take Benadryl But it’s starting to lose its affects


That is the exact same thing we use I get 4-5 solid hrs of sleep from it


Is very important for me to sleep well…i need 8 hrs, it does make a difference for me in my mind specilally. I was just doing 2 mg malatoning but i opened this topic and dragonsalayer mention a few elements that i found in this product with a heavy amount of melatoning in eacch cap. I have been taking it for 3 days and is spectacular


:rofl::rofl: its on its way!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Many don’t realize how important sleep is for proper recovery.