Site Problems past couple days


Hey guys theres a few issues the past couple days with the site. Just an fyi Im on it and will have a fix ready by tomorrow. Were changing servers again so for a bit tonight Ill have the site offline during the migration. Thanks.



The switch will take roughly 3 hours to complete.


Thanks for keeping us posted.


Im glad your here because things like this happen to every site but they don’t have you handling it.
Shout out to the best tech on earth or any other planet lol


I added those because of our massive growth I haven’t been able to keep up with adding every new member. I wanted to make sure that everyone sees this.


@TrenGod glad to have you bro!!! Tech whizz!!!


I appreciate all your tech work. Thanks for the update




You are the fkn MAN brotha!! Awesome job as always! We are so lucky to have your mad skillz here at UGM!! Tons of respect to you, @Bigmurph and @Fitraver you guys are in a class of your own!


Thanks for the quick updates and fixes man! You guys definitely make this site an amazing experience for everyone.