Sis labs sitropin


Congrats looks like your having a baby lol

I didn’t know that you got banned from er.
I’ve been banned from there more times than I can remember but there are guys at er that really know there stuff but then there are the parrots as I call them they just repeat everything the parrot before them said and they really don’t know anything except what is constantly repeated.
It took me awhile to figure that out once I did then I kept to only those members that were real.


i been banned bout 5 times lol .has for the baby ,i had to explain why i had pregnancy test ,but she cool just laughed it of ,she does my pinns anyway so i lucky to be with her .got no time for eroids now ,i think that makwa knows is stuff ,not sure about him though ,just lately he seems to be getting g/h on promos ,i dunno ,i prefer be here now ,dont need no there board