Singanitropin HGH cycle


I’m getting ready to start a 16 week cycle of Test E at 800/week, Deca 600/week along with 6 mo of HGH at 4iu/day. Has anyone had any experience with Singanitropin? If so, plese share your experience and opinions.



@Ncbjj77 this is not an answer to your question but @PHD posted this and I found it to be very informative. Good luck on your GH run… take it slow and find the dose timing that works best for you.


Ive never heard of that brand of gh but doesnt mean that its not good brotha. Best of luck with your cycle


You might wanna invest in a testing kit, I remember a couple years back a guy bought shit ton of that brand off of naps due to massive sales and after testing the stuff… more than half of it was bunk. With that being said, for such an expensive hormone I would stick to the pharmacy grade stuff just to make sure I get my money’s worth but that’s just my opinion.


I should also mention that it wasn’t GH that he ordered, but test, dbol, and either npp or tren


Good advice bro


Thanks bro


I will also say no to singani. I remember seeing almost mold inside of an amp from them. Im not sure if it was mold but it was green and looked really bad.

I have also had others say that there oils were good. That pic with whatever was in that amp made me stay far away from them.


Great advice!


I guess I will stay away from it. Only looked at it bc it is from a src that is highly recommended on the site. Also, I need 600iu and it was a decent price.

@Bigmurph…when I was searching through old posts, I read one where you were saying that you weren’t too impressed by hgh in general. Is this in regards to bb, strength, well-being or all aspects?


I believe that hgh is made to be something that its not at the time I really felt like everyone thought that hgh was this miracle god building compound. When in reality its just another tool in the line up. There is so much hgh that isn’t worth anything counterfeit, overpriced, or just fake. I will say if you get good hgh and use it for a long period of time you can get a good result from it. I still do believe that if you’re going to spend 300 a month on hgh your goals need to target getting the most use out of the elevated igf levels.
I personally run my hgh at 1-2iu 5 days a wk not for growth but for healing faster.
100iu will can last over 2 months and in the long term you will see good results.
If hgh is used short term in high doses in my opinion just use igf1lr3 short term.
I think hgh longterm lower dose is the way to go to avoid the side effects.
Is hgh over rated it definitely can be depending on alot of different variables but you can get benefits from using it.


I have hear bad things about singani not being very sterile. Have you considered Aqua from HG-MGT? I have 2 friends on it and they swear by it but with UG GH you may have 4 kits and 3 are real and 1 is bunk. That’s the chance we take with non Pharma


Unless you’re getting it direct from legit pharmacy, the only way to know is to get tested


You can always verify it through the manufacture site when it’s not generics


Sometimes the sites don’t update fast enough to match the GH production and sale.


Good to know. I wasn’t aware of that issue