Simple questions can be difficult!


Getting a questionnaire from @PHD I thought would be easy… NOT. When you get asked a basic question and have to spend half the day thinking about it!


It’s all about being thorough bro. Anybody can throw a plan at you but most those people won’t check into your background and medical history. This is why I take pride in what I do.


Well not for nothing but I guess it’s what your there for… im sure you’ll have more questions for me that take a lot longer to answer


When posting about your training please post in the correct category. Ive had to change it to many times now.
Titan training has a category


He was just posting about something in general. When he’s posting about his actual training it will go
Into titantan training.


Yes sorry, when the training is actually posted it will go into a category, this was just a general post. I apologize for any misunderstanding