Simple and Patient


I came back with all the horses and this second cycle i wanted to do in 12 weeks what i did not do in 25 years…kick start…oh yeah!! i will do that, TNE…oh yeah !!! i will do that too…i wanted everything somebody else was doing…At this moments am shooting 6 different compounds and changes after changes, i felt this morning overwhelmed by that and the constant money spending situation . Lately i have been talking to a doctor in bio-chemistry and told me: 2 compounds should do it. Yesterday Bighmurph answered a post talking about hormones going left and right…that is me could not find balance doing so much stuff. I learnt a few things here. Next one i will be simple and patient


Good talk brother, i personally have a hard time wrapping my head around the whole less is more thing, but it’s true


Myself as well…sometimes we just get a little to greedy. We need to learn to stay humble and be satisfied with what we have rather than what we don’t. It can be a hard virtue to achieve.


you have to take into that we are different. Each of us reacts differently to chemical components, and this is what the cycles are to find an appropriate ingredient that will affect our body properly. You had a long break so in my humble opinion you should start with the basics and simple components and slowly not quickly but with patience :slight_smile: