Shoulder routine not for faint of heart


Hey fam thought I’d share my latest Shoulder routine with you all. This is a brutal one give it a try.

Giant sets: 4x 15 (use dumbbells)
1: bent over real laterals
2:side laterals
3: front raises

Super set: 4x12
1: shoulder press bar or dumbbell
2: side lateral seated machine (if you don’t have one do dumbbells) go super slow and hold at top really work it

Super set: 4x15
1: cable one arm lateral raises
2: cable one arm front raise

Super set 4x15
1: rope face pulls (pull with pinkies focus on rear delts)
2: rope front raises

Super set 4x12
1: dumbbells shrugs
2: bent over rear delts dumbbells



Clients if you want to give this one a try on your shoulder day feel free to give this one a try.


Omg haha 44 sets of delts. Pump city!


Well this makes me feel good about my shoulder day. Pretty much everything I do, in a different order. I’ll give a go in this specific order.


@phd on the face pulls do you recommend an overhand or a supinated grip?


@SemperFi focus pulling with ponkies palms facing set cable high. Really focus on the squeeze


Right on.