Should srcs state whether eo or guaiacol is in a compound?


Curious everyone’s opinion on this so I’d like to take a poll. Simply vote by commentin yes or no (if you want to explain your answer feel free). I was too dumb to figure out the actual poll option :joy:

I seem to have noticed a lot of posts lately (not necessarily here, but other forums) where people have been upset to find out eo or guaiacol is part of the mixture to make their compound. Typically it would be used in higher Mg compounds and injectable orals I believe.

I personally think it may be a good idea for @Source to be transparent with there lists and post if one or the other is included in a compound. I think it saves consumers who didn’t think to ask getting mad on the back end if they didn’t want to have that in their body and would be a simple fix.



If a customer has a question of it, I think its their responsibility and due diligence when checking out the source to ask whats in it.


I agree with @TrenGod. It is very easy to simply reach out to the source and ask. I have yet to have a source not be helpful with such questions.


I know of some srces will list what carrier is used in their products…which I think is beneficial. Some users have bad reactions to super solvents like guaiacol.


I personally had a situation with alcohol in liquid orals like anavar and adeex…the source denied the use of alcohol but when opening the bottle it was straight vodka


Good discussion for sure. IMO I think most always list the general carrier, which is great, but if you’re gonna do that, I think you should specify if that is altered in certain compounds. @TrenGod that’s just my side of things but of course I always ask myself if it isn’t.


I’ll be honest with this question I believe that whenever you’re going to order from a new source that you have never ordered from before you should always have a couple private messages with them asking them questions like this about their Brewing what carrier they use so on and so forth. You really want to make sure that what you’re ordering is really what you want. Me personally I don’t have a problem with a hundred percent EO products. I know still would always ask what the carrier is and the percentages of ba and BB used to create the final product because I want to know that the source also knows enough about Brewing that uncomfortable using his products. So I would say definitely always ask definitely always have a conversation with your Source before you order even if it’s just a simple conversation about a cycle that you’re going to run and see what his opinion on it is. I know that me personally I would definitely want to order from someone that knows if I should be running a certain compound with another compound or if the source is knowledgeable enough to say to me that it’s probably not a good idea and I might want to do this. That would also give me a little bit more confidence in his product that he’s not just trying to get me to spend as much money as possible but is trying to get me 2 spend my money the right way 2 get the best possible results from his products.


I’d like to see all of the ingredients listed, and if they are willing even ba and bb % listed.
I’m allergic to sesame oil and get wicked pip from it.
High levels of guac can be tasted like tren cough


Its almost always everclear used to suspend liquid orals and someone who is say a friend of bill of course would never want to use orals like that.
I personally don’t drink any alchol so I stay away from liquid orals


This is a perfect example of why this is so important
Some people don’t realize that certain ingredients could be used and an allergic reaction to something injected could be deadly


Exactly why I think it should just be listed. Yes I think customers should be responsible and ask, but we all know that there are some not very smart people haha and it’s an easy add to srcs lists that would take 5 min to do.


, I believe that sources should take notice to this post and I believe that all sources should list in there account they’re pricelist and everything else that we spoke about in this post.
@Source if you can think about adding this type of information to your verified src page or dedicated source category. I believe that the members would be interested in a post of this information and it would get your product and price list some extra visibility :+1:


I feel that most good sources will have no problem clarifing for you if you ask. If they wont than maybe you should think twice about ordering from them. Also believe that it is the consumer’s responsibility to ask appropriate questions which should be easily answered if not than wouldnt order from that source. If the source will add carrier to list that would be great info for potential clients and also shows that they have no problem being transparent which would also add more clientele to their business




I have ingredients listed on the vials and product descriptions … I don’t like using guaiacol or EO and only have one compound that I make that uses EO … I am very clear that the compound uses EO . as for carrier oils I use gso. there are a few people that have sensitivities to it and then there are people who develop sensitivities to the hormone itself… people need to reach out when they have issues and also need to know what the signs and symptoms of allergies and sensitivities. I also think that people fail to understand that individual bio chemistry changes over time and what once did not cause problems/issues may presently cause problems/issues. the higher mg compounds I do make do not contain EO/ guaiacol and therefore have some serious pip but in all honesty it is my belief that utilizing the extra compounds is an ethical thing and the reason why in my earlier days I did not team up with some other sources … sorry just my two cents … perhaps my ten cents…


I love this response! I fully agree with all of it. I need to get with you and try some of your stuff I’ve heard good things from @Bigmurph


@Fitraver yes you do! @KodiakGrrl knows the game and plays it well. :wink:


Love the honesty and the response! Sounds like she knows the game like a pro!


Boss Queen :princess:


Thanks Fit … I got started mostly because I was tired of trying to guess what I was pinning myself. I’ve done a lot of research and put a lot of time into it because I feel like if I am afraid to use it I can’t really ask anyone else to use it and be confident about what it is they are getting. I made the choice to drop the EO and stick to basic compounds because I can’t ignore what it is. When I do use it in the only blend I make I am very clear that it is being used and that I will not use it. I’m not so wrapped up in that game that ‘any cost’ is acceptable.