Short on time shoulder workout


If you’re short on time say for shoulder day give this a go or if you just want a bad ass volume workout.

Warm up shoulders always before shoulder movements (back chest and shoulders) I like to do 2-3 warm up sets

Side laterals superset (ss) with wide bar upright rows. Use a 25 pound plate grab it in the hand or center hole
Really focus on the lateral head of the movement (pro tip flare your Lats and don’t let your arms drop at bottom. hold at top for a 2 count. Once arms touch Lats raise ur back up)
4x20 reps side laterals each ss with wide upright rows ( keep elbows high)
4x20 weighted single front raises 25 pound plate again hold it at handle of the weight ss with bar front raises
4x20 bent over laterals (using 25 pound plate) ss with bent over dumbbell upright row. Keep elbows facing up towards ceiling. Again drive through elbows feel that rear delt and make sure not to use Lats as you get fatigued
4x20 front shrug ss with behind the back shrug.

All movements are slow and controlled up and down no fast and jerking movements.

Try this next shoulder day give me feedback on how lit up your shoulders are



I’ll try this one next week or on my next day where I switch up from an off day to a routine day! Looks fun