Ha ha I know right


Same boat, that’s why I’m gonna try to give support to our guys. I have found that it’s fun that way too. I’ve always said there’s something about throwing in different brands. Like shoes, I have my suede brooks, Jordan’s, old style Asics , etc. Same with the gear. LOL.


You should def give my man United Gear a try you will love his gear, service, and t/a. Like grabbing a brand new pair of sneakers brotha very exciting you will love the fit!


I have ordered from him before.


Now I’m not sure if you were sayinthat to me or RN…


I meant it for RN bro but also to anyone looking for awesome gear!


Ha ha after I answered I was like don’t think it was ment for me


I am gonna order a bit from each, maybe one will stand out. I have plenty of my fast acting stuff, im going to do something different and each place here has something a bit different, like inj adrol, or higher mgs or inj winny(love it). Ill be starting a report 5 months late, ive been off then randomly finishing everything on my plate!(all the open shit)…very unplanned last month or so. Dont recommend it. I like to plan better.


Lol no problem my dude


I can guarentee United will take great care of your needs brotha