And BAM just got letter in mail from customs and border protection saying they seized my package from napsgear dam it oh well I guess I ordered almost two months ago before I declared to only use @Iron_Junkie_Labs and now this reinforced my decision.


Shit sorry bro thats why i stay on the domestic front! Dont need that type of frustration in my life! You can lose with IJL or my boy United Gear! Both have top notch gear for awesome prices!!


Yea those things are not fun at all! Shouldn’t be that problem with us brother!


I’m not even really mad about it cause there’s not much I can do but stick with you @Iron_Junkie_Labs


Looking at the bright side. its better to receive a customs letter then if it was caught thru postal inspectors and you end up with a controlled delivery.

Naps is one of the largest suppliers and it’s just the way they game goes sometimes.

Always gotta remind people who haven’t read the book legal muscle by Rick Collins to give it a go. Know your rights and what to do if you ever get a knock on the door.


Thanks brother


For those that never watched this, well worth it.


sorry @John about that :confused:
I would like repeat words of my member who is on saa long time, “domestic or international the same danger of customs officers or postal inspectors the same risk, only idiots thinking that domestic is 100% that no one will check”

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Good point, but I would imagine it’s riskier to go international, and in my eyes this proves that


That sucks…will they reship?


they should…

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Yes they will reship I have already been in contact, they answered quite quickly, or store credit which I took cause I am not having them reship. I am now paranoid and have no intentions of ordering over seas anytime soon


Great video brother thanks


Damnnnnnnnnnnnn Bro!


that good to know of a couple sources u can’t lose going through


Good ta know. Ever thought of a remailer? When I started to place international orders on a regular basis I started using a remailer…not one seizure…yet.


What’s a remailer


Your product would get shipped to a remailer rather then your house. They will hold your mail until you want it shipped to your residence. I use it because there is little to no chance of seizure. Right now I have them holding three packages and I have three more incoming. Once they receive those three incoming I will have all the packages shipped as a whole to my house.


Ok thanks, but to be honest I want nothing to do with ordering over seas at the moment, it was also suggested maybe I’m being dramatic but I Want nothing to do with all that, I hav been in trouble with the law enough in my life, so I’m taking this as a sign to not do it again


Gotcha…I understand. Why can’t this stuff be legal anyways?