loks like sciroxonline have turn bad for the moment steer clear if you thinking of .or ever had dealings with them guys on few other boards tell me they pissed athe moment with karl .so stick with iron junkie here ok .by the way i never brought anything of junkie or not getting anything off him for saying this but from what i read he is stand up guy


Wow…used him a few months back. Had some shipping issues but eventually it was taken care of.


Who is Karl? And what specifically happened to be causing the issues?


its not just shipping one guy say is igf had fuckall in it and the vials had line marks inside has if they had previousley had something else in them and he could literaly turn the tops on them,karl is the scirox rep


What board is thE thread on so I can check if you don’t mind.


i have heard is igf is some of the beswt out there ,i was gonna go with him he offerd paypal gut feeling i not bothered


shitty eroids mate ,and bostinloyds forum they on about him ,and even he himself has plugged him


I don’t see why anyone trusts eroids to be honest. They cover shit up and most of the sources are all related and same people.


He is my go to guy for IGF…the only IGF-LR3 I use!


Did you see the igf vial just fall apart. WTF I was blown away by that.
His quality went up so far from where he was 3yrs ago. Looks like he might have fallen off again or maybe just bad quality control lately




It honestly blew me away because I know a couple guys that back that igf.
One of them was the guy that posted the pics.
I just happened to check out what was happening that day and that was a surprise to see for sure.
Especially the puck rings on the vials thats just really crazy


Do we have a tread confirming all this info?




iam a lurka on eroids .i tried sevaeral times to bring dodgy sources to the attention of the community and got banned for it .they cover up loads of shit .i just cant be bothered with them i just lurk to find infomation which i can share to help others on here like this scirrox episode


update is on another board trying to drum up more orders .beware if you have ordered before or tempted to now


Damn karl was doing good for awhile


dont know wether its him but its scirrox .i never dealt with him but i know alot of guys are pissed off ,even i am hoping that he will come back and sorts stuff out .if he had accident or family member poorley i dont wish him bad but i feel i have to tell people the score so they dont get robbed .iam on bostins forum and he is even giving him good reviews ,i just email him and told him the score hopefully he will get back and i know more