Scammers On Facebook!

Hey guys, I wanted to remind you guys of what you can find on facebook revovling fitness -

Most people are scammers/fakes! They say they hold al these qualities, but they don’t even work out… I recently bought a service of helping create workout plans for extremely cheap rate, but they just came with something that I could pull out of my butt… Like cmon, we can do better.

I love calling them out. Ross Ersterling is my favorite lol. @PHD knows how I am with Facebook scammers.

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Hahahaha your boy Ross. Guys bottom line social media is full of scammers just because they have lots of followers doesn’t mean shit. Most are bought. Do your research and do diligence

it’s kind of sad to see people actually buy into these “services”
Well OP, you win some and you lose some
Forums, such as ugmuscle, would probably give you better workout plans and advice than those facebook fitness gurus.