Scam emails for top srcs BECAREFUL


I felt this very important to post up for all to see. I have noticed a increase in scam emails offering sales for top srcs that are all 100% fake.
I have received a few myself lately and I wanted to warn everyone about these emails because our sponsors and us at UGM send out mass emails and mass pm messages to let everyone know about information that a sponsor or us at want to let our members know about.
I would say that when you get a email from say saying anything.
First check the actual address that email has come from. If the email address is thats not us making a mistake thats a guarantee that this email is fake and could be dangerous.
Don’t click on links or even open the email if you see a misspelling like that or even say if you get an email that says its from thats not don’t fall for these tricks.
I have seen lately also email srcs having thieves post a email almost exactly like the order email address that the src uses. They will post this email address a couple of times trying to get you to email them they will offer you an amazing sale offer and then you end up getting taken for your hard earned money. Please be careful ask questions to the src write them a pm to make sure that you have the correct email address.
Everyone Becareful alot of scams have been going on and there happening more and more because there working.
If you know of a scam post it in our scam category.


Very very good post. Pretty much never click on links in an email unless you knew it was coming. If at all suspicious just Verify in some manner before clicking.


That’s exactly it just verify the source of the email or link. I click on links and read many emails everyday but I always check the details of the email to make sure that it came from the place it should have


Thanks for the heads up


Great head up BigM. You can never be too careful. Loosers always out foe a quick buck.


watch out for known powder sources with address lol


As always thanks for looking out for us all Bigmurph! We are very lucky to have mods that are working 24/7 to make us safe and all have the best gear possible! Love this site by far best all time!!


Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for looking out for the community BIGMURPH,just another reason I love UGM so much
Great owner who cares
Great staff that are always on top of there game
And the wonderful community of brothers ,& sisters