Say Hi to everyone in UGmuscle


Hey guys,
We are new here and very glad to be a member of UGmuscle family.
We exporting bulk steroid raws, peptides and hgh, hcg, tabs and finished products with top notch quality. We have raws, hgh, finished products and peptides already stock in USA ready to go, fast delivery and no customs issue!
If you interested in them, pls go to our website:
or you can cantact me by:
e-mail:[email protected]
WickrMe: Tammyzxz
WhatsApp:+86 15171477202


Welcome !!!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome Hupharma!


No worries with HU. He is G2G. Welcome to the board.


Thanks, bro


Outfuckingstanding just shot them a email


We welcome you and look forward to seeing great products and services. Im going to have to request a price list myself
Thanks and welcome

Guys I can also say that talking with @hupharma is great she is super nice and not to src cross but you guys know that I also love @srhealth-diana so I don’t want any ladies getting jealous lol
Oh shoot I forgot I also love @KodiakGrrl


Ha ha sounds like you got a lotta love @Bigmurph


You know me brother just one BIGMURPH redneck who has love for every woman lol

I even got a little extra for my brothers lol


Ha ha yup now you just need to hunt and fish


Oh im dying to go hunting I just don’t have any guns anymore

Fishing isn’t really my thing


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Question: why do your labels say pharmaceutical grade?
Isn’t that a bit misleading to newer people?


Less is more, I’d say 400, I have never used more then six a week, but I don’t really like it a that much…you have AI’s on hand


Hey friend, May i know which product you see the pharmaceutical grade? emmmmm, I have not seen this label myself


On your website, each label says “pharmaceutical grade”. By the way I am not trying to come off arrogantly or offensively, just asking out of curiosity mostly.


Which website are you going to because I can’t get the website to work


Thanks for your guys warm welcome.:grin:


The link posted above bro