Sample Cycles: Mass (Sustanon 250 Cycle) Single Agent


These cycles are sample cycles put out and posted here for review. These are not a personal cycle but meant to help people new to steroids understand and see samples to follow.

Products needed: 15 mL 250 mg/mL Sustanon (testosterone blend)

All Weeks: Cholesterol Support: Lipid Stabil (3 caps/day) and Fish Oil (4g/day). Estrogen Support: tamoxifen (20-40 mg/day) or anastrozole (.5-1 mg/day).

Comments:This mass building program is similar to the other testosterone cycles, but utilizes Sustanon 250, a form of blended testosterone more widely used in Europe and other regions outside the U.S. The total steroid dosage of this cycle is 3,750 mg, extremely close to the amount used in testosterone cycle #2. A similar level of cardiovasular strain and visible side effects are expected.

1 -----250 mg/day
2 -----250 mg/day
3 -----500 mg/day
4 -----500 mg/day
5 -----500 mg/day
6 -----500 mg/day
7 -----500 mg/day
8 -----500 mg/day
9 -----250 mg/day