Sadly, I think it's time to put down to tren😕 tog


I must say I truly in enjoy Trenbolone it has such massive response to my muscles I literally grow overnight. This is my 4th time running in the last 4 years of my life and I don’t know what it is about this time but I feel like I’m on the dag gone Trenbolone rocket. You know the old saying what comes up must come down, and a lot of the veterans even in the ifbb such as Lee Priest have recommended younger people to not do it based on ther experiences and many others. But you know the old saying you only live once so I had to give it a whirl and let me say I love the f*** out of it. But this time I’ve had some major sides and it’s probably due to high dosage but I’m not going to use that as an excuse because I don’t feel it safe drug for long term use. However there ain’t nothing better in my opinion then running some Tren but at the end of the day I don’t feel like it’s worth it simply because they’re safer alternatives that can give the same results over extended amount of time. Not trying to take up a bunch of space however I’m glad that I realized it’s not the best thing for me seeing all these bodybuilders died in their forties kind of creeps me out the list goes on and on Rich Piana was one of my favorites sad to see him go. But like he said whatever it takes. Then you look at folks like Arnold Schwarzenegger who make it to Be 70-something before seeing some type of complication I feel like the best thing is moderation and if you can invest in some anabolics invest in some blood work because this s*** Don’t Come Easy. If you play with the bull you get the horns.


If health is not a priority, then the motives are wrong…even if you are pro you must have this priority clear.


well said thing anyone can do ,if you can afford the drugs you can afford the bloods,i prefer base and props lately due to the short life and lack of sides ,test base being my fav then m/tren .i think guru ameen and coach trev got good point about drol and such by few days on few off ,


I couldn’t agree more and this is why ive never ran tren.
I also liked the quote what goes up must come down.
Real talk


:smiley::smiley::smiley: great conclusion.


They are right on with that in my experience…this is old.


I came to same conclusion for myself years ago bro as awesome as tren is it aint for me anymore. The internal insanity, anxiety, insomnia, and dick headery it adds to my life is not worth what it does to my physique. Being a father of a 6 year old lil boy who idolizes me i cant be acting like a fkn retard flipping out crazy over nothing and the ups and downs mentally it causes me. Im already high strung and uncomforably anxious without anything adding to it like gasoline to a fire :fire: At least you have realized this sooner than later which shows your maturity towards these kind of decisions that have to be made at a certain point in life. Theres still many great compounds out there that can get you where you need just not as fast as tren can. Best of luck my man


Good talk!


He ran primobolan basically the safest compound.