Roidtest results for testosterone enanthate


I decided to do some testing today because I will be using some testosterone enanthate as I build up my testosterone levels into my next cycle. I wanted to test the testosterone enanthate before using the product because I test almost everything before using.

This testosterone enanthate is from Thorin a very sketchy lab that in the beginning was amazing and then over time more and more problems happened until the lab went under.
Sounds familiar as to something that just happened. There are alot of questions about using gear that you might already have from an unverified src. I personally have used alot of Thorin products so I will still use them as long as the test results show that its the compound that I want. Every situation is different. With Thorin I atleast know that what is good is good and has proved itself through time. Although I have vials that have tested as just oil and others that have tested as other compounds then what is actually on the label. This testosterone enanthate batch I have ran and it has treated me well but I have also had to bin more than one vial because it tested as oil!! Wtf right
I guess it was just selective scamming I really don’t know.
The vial tested today tested positive for testosterone enanthate and since it tested positive will probably give me great results as the other vials that have tested positive have.
This is why roidtest might not be able to tell you the strength of the compound but if you know that a product is what its supposed to be it helps alot because I could have used the vials that tested as just oil.

@ROIDTEST I have a question about the blacklight and its purpose in the test.
I believe that the blacklight is so you can see that there is compound in the vial?
Is this correct?
If not what is the exact purpose of the blacklight in the testing process?
I don’t see a difference in color when I use the blacklight. The testing instructions don’t really say what should happen when the blacklight is used.
Thanks for the help @ROIDTEST


Yes indeed, the B (UV) column is an additional check to confirm the presence of the substance. The noted color under the B (UV) column indicates what color will be seen when shining the UV light on the bottom of the B ampule, after the substance has been dropped in. As you will note on the color chart, not all substances have a reaction to the UV light.


So in my case with the testosterone enanthate the blacklight doesn’t show a difference because it is noted as NS.
If there were another color in the B column when the blacklight is used the test will change to the second color.

Thanks I now understand I have always previously thought that it was just to show that compound was present. Now I understand that it also will change the color in the amp for certain compounds.


Im going to test some nandrolone pp to see a color change under the blacklight in my next test.


Absolutely correct regarding testosterone enanthate having no UV reaction.

Happy to help provide clarification, any time!