Roidtest negative results


This is another failure it was supposed to be primobolan enanthate and its just oil.
Always test your gear!!!


Very interesting. Where did you purchase from?

… The Placebo Effect


This is some older thorin gear from gearbank

Old src


I tested everything recently I got from him at the end of his run only the test e was legit


Lol, test e was the only thing I got from him


All his original gear with the original labels is legit but everything except the test e with new labels is either another compound or just oil.
Wtf lol it sucks


Ive used thorin’s sruff for years…always been on point


The old labels are solid the new labels didn’t test well when I tested them with roidtest. Everything flailed except the test enanthate


Can you post anymore pics of the others you tested?


I already erased them but I posted the npp in another post and the primo e here.


Wow! That’s crazy it’s just oil, man I’d be pissed!


Id bump this thread to the top just for everybody to see! Again and again


Luckly this lab doesn’t exist anymore if I ever find out that they are producing again I promise they will be in the srcs hall of shame


I wouldn’t keep bumping a thread on a shutdown UGL. :wink: I mean you can if you want if you are OCD or something. :joy: