Roidtest discount code for ugmuscle members


Once again the team at roidtest has graciously given us members of ugmuscle a 20% off code.

The code is UGMUSCLE just enter it in at check out and you will get 20% off.

Testing is important especially now that you can test your HGH or somatropin because alot of the Chinese stuff is ghrp there are only 5 actual somatropin factories in China.
I don’t believe that 5 factories are able to produce all the generic hgh out there.
Especially while there producing counterfeit pharma grade products.
I just tested a vial the other day that someone knew was going to be tested and it tested as a completely different compound.

I wouldn’t worry about verified sponsors there already being tested by us but please test your other products and let us know because we will put that src in the hall of shame.

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We’re happy to provide this discount for the UGMuscle community.

Kudos to BigMurph and the entire UGM team for putting safety first, and making harm-reduction a top priority to keep their community safe!


Were glad to also have you around when any questions come up about testing.

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