Roidtest complete stocked starter set arrives


Man I always love to get new toys.
I burn through roidtest amps very fast so I decided that while the coupon code for UGMUSCLE was giving 20% off might as well take advantage of it.
In my opinion this is the best way to order. Choose the stocked starter set or I usually order bulk packages of 1 box a+b amps and 1 box D amps. You really don’t even have to spend as much if you just want to run a certain compound test you can order that exact test with 2 amps.
I included my receipt so that no one thinks that I got this for free. I don’t accept free things anymore because its a conflict of interest.
Thanks for the great discount @ROIDTEST

I will be doing some testing tomorrow.


What gear will you be testing and whose?


Glad you asked that question… id be interested to know also!


Im going to be testing the products that im going to be running next cycle.
To be honest I had a plan but my research changed it.
Whatever I end up using I will test. I always do a roidtest on anything that im going to use. It looks like a test, decca, nandrolone base,proviron cycle is coming up.
I ordered part from symbiotec and it looks like the next portion will be coming from either or purity source labs I should also include @NandroXL I get great inter products domestic from him.
I will be testing atleast one product soon.


Right on. I look forward to seeing the results.


Watching for your results post @Bigmurph.

I would suggest to maintain forum flow is to post individual results in the sponsors section and then post a link to the specific result(s) in a separate thread here in the roidtest section.



THat is sweet, I love how it comes all in its special case and is chalked full of reagents and vials. MADSCIENCE!


Happy to provide the discount and happy Harm Reduction Month to all!

Thank you all for your support of ROIDTEST!