ROIDTEST 20% Off For All UGMUSCLE Members

We appreciate all of the support you guys have shown us over the past few years! With that in mind, we are offering 20% off any product on our site, for your entire order, with coupon code UGMUSCLE

This discount even works on the ANABOLICS 11th Ed book!

With coupon code UGMUSCLE you’ll only be paying:
$19.98 All Two Step Tests/Refills
$64 Complete Steroid Testing System
$64 ANABOLICS 11th Ed Softcover
$80 ANABOLICS 11th Ed Hardcover
$103.96 Stocked Starter Set

Enjoy the savings & stay safe!


Great discounts and a great book too!

Not sure of you fall in the same category as other sponsors but we typically don’t allow pricing to be added to posts/threads. I’ll get @Bigmurph in here to say for sure though so don’t edit anything yet.

Thanks guys!

I love it you guys are great

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Cool! I ordered an HGH test kit! And you know that once I get the results they will be posted here, and other (more pertinent sites) albeit the source I got it from is not on this site.

Question: I see sources named here and there in the forum. So, can I post the name of the source I got the gh I am testing in the forum even though that source is not here? How does this work here? Hold on, I’ll go look at the rules again right quick…Ok, rule #5 will not allow me to post the source since it is a company where members here could buy the same products offered by sponsors listed here on this site. Alright then :wink:

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You can post the name because we are uncensored but no links. It would need to be posted in a way that its a discussion and not an advertisement. You know what I mean?
See were uncensored but we have a couple of things that we don’t allow because of problems in the past or problems it could cause in the future.
Then just all the security and safety that we should all always think about.

Ok. But I think I might abbreviate the name, maybe. I mean, a link or no link, someone could still run a search…

The test has commenced, results of the hgh test coming very soon…

Its REAL :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your results & thank you for your support of ROIDTEST @Blast23!

no problem :slight_smile: