Roid test real deal or not?


i have prescription test 10ml 200mg vial and i have para pharma 250mg 10ml vial im currently running the para pharma i feel good im sure its test cyp but curious as to why these were the results any opinions ?


What’s the results where’s the chart guide?


@GreenThing The Westward vial in the second picture is a TestC positive result. The Para Pharma in the first picture is inconclusive imo due to the very weak color reaction and/or actually leaning to TestP. You will notice on the RoidTest website instructional video they actually do a test on Westward TestC. :wink:



have i been bamboozled :sob::sweat_smile::rofl: damn guys hows AOL im thinking about them for next order but cyp 300 :disappointed_relieved:!!!?? opinions please.


America online? … thought they were out of business… just kidding bro… lots of great sponsors on this board, reputable and trustworthy. Read through the 1000s of threads!


Ok so I use roidtest alot the thing about a roidtest or a labmax test is there are different variables that I can lead to results like this.
The carrier oil and the solvents are the number 1 reason for false positives and negatives.
I would definitely contact the src and ask about the carrier oil and what solvents are used in the process of making para pharma test cyp.
Then I would contact roidtest and ask if those solvents and oil can result in a result that you got.
I would send this to the src also and ask why the test came back as this result.
I personally dont use para pharma they have a rough track record in my opinion.
I would stick with a lab with a strong track record.


How’s Alpha Omega Labs? looking into them next


I can tell you that every sponsor at is a great sponsor or they wouldn’t be here we have no ranking system because a sponsor here is either #1 or not here at all.
If for any reason you have a problem im always available hit me up anytime


Thanks Appreciate it


Did you get an answer as to what and why the results came back the way they did? Was it what you thought it was or is it something else?


I am just saying that it is inconclusive and the photo makes it appear to be leaning in a different direction. Computer screens and such can make things look different than in person.

Follow @bigmurph advice and reach out to the supplier. If they are reputable they will be more than willing to assist and/or clarify.


Is it true if you put the bottle in the freezer and it crashes the hormone is active? Or does that not always happen?


It may show that there is hormone in the vial but it will not tell you ‘what’ hormone. Verifying the actual hormone in the vial is the purpose of the RoidTest. It is not 100% accurate but it is the most affordable way at this time to do an in home test. Labmax is another affordable in home test.


Reason I ask I tried that about a year ago, my bottle of test never cryatlised but the test was legit. So left me confused with that method lol


I know of at least one UGL that I can freeze their test and it will not crash. I also know from blood work proof it is legit. Crashed gear has more to do with the process they use to make it vs. the content of hormone. I know zero about the steroid brewing process and just offering what I know from personal experience.


Ok thanks for the info brother


Didn’t think about the freezing thing, until you mentioned it… i’ve got a few bottles of untouched gear from an old source that I believe is pushing fake crap or way under dosed. (I’m not gonna spend the money on a roid test to verify) but since I feel it’s garbage anyway, would it be a good experiment to see what happens to it in the freezer? If it is “real” I should be able to warm it up and re-emulisify it shouldn’t I?


I’ve frozen test that didn’t crash that was actually legit so might not be the best bet brother