Ring Walk Song Selected


I’ve chosen my song to walk out to on December 29th.

I went way back into the vault for this one and it depicts the mind frame of training camp and the zone I get into :100:% walking out from backstage.

Just thought I’d share this with you fellas. I thought about posting 2-3 different ones and let you all vote on my walkout song but didn’t know if it was okay or how to go about doing so on here so I’m just going to go with the one I’m feeling the most.

:boxing_glove:"Here I Go" - Mystical -:boxing_glove:


Ha…love it. Good luck to ya my friend.


Wow! Thats a Classic my friend :smirk:


Old school haha


Great choice


You can post multiple songs and create a poll vote in the post.

Click the settings cog next to the smile face on the top bar of your post.
You will see create a poll and just fill in the blanks


Thanks @Bigmurph
Appreciate you’re help brother


Hell of an old school classic bro! Now make sure you go out there and bust this dude up all over the ring! You are the champ! You got this shit! You time to shine my bro! I believe in you my bro :metal:t2::facepunch:t2:


@MBTJR1980 Thanks Big dog! You know it bro! I appreciate the hell out of your support and encouragement. Every time out it gets bigger and more important and the stakes get higher… preparing to bring out the full arsenal if necessary.

How you been my man? Don’t know if I ever got the chance to formally congratulate you and welcome you to Team IJL
I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the upcoming holiday season bro!


I know you are gonna be your best as you are the epitome of what a champion entails! I am looking forward to hearing that you spanked this dude all over the ring! Id say good luck but i know that the way you train and prepare theres no luck needed as you are all talent and heart :muscle:t2:
Im doing well brother training my balls off and working my ass into the ground since Christmas is around the corner and lil man wants everything under the sun from Santa :santa: looking forward to having an almost 2 week vacation from Christmas into the New Year to spend with the family. Sending my best wishes to you and your fam! And im so excited to be part of team IJL! Gonna do big things this coming year! Glad to be part of it!