Rhimobolan pharma grade versus UGL is pharma grade always better?


I saw someone post the other day about ordering primobolan but being concerned because of how much it is counterfeited.
I honestly couldn’t agree more I bought these 10 amps from a solid sponsor who shipped them to me quickly because I actually pre ordered them. I recieved them and was so happy that they arrived and I was going to be able to use real pharma grade Bayer rhimobolan.
Well it turned out that all these are fakes. I actually didn’t even believe the sponsor when he told me that they were fakes because I really believed that they were real.
I just couldn’t believe that they were fake but when you have a solid sponsor admitting that there fake without me even asking and he is already fixing the situation then there probably fake. It took me a bit to accept it lol
I just wanted to say to everyone that if you’re going to order rhimobolan and spend the money you might want to reconsider and possibly go with a trusted ugl that can get you high quality methenolone enanthate for almost a 1/4 of the cost of Bayer rhimobolan. You would also be taking a lot less of a chance of receiving counterfeit rhimobolan. I look at hgh the same way really unless I know that the HGH is without a doubt going to be legitimate pharma grade im going to order from @MGT or another sponsor that can provide me with just as good as pharma grade HGH. If you look at rhimobolan or primobolan or methenolone enanthate in the same way you can get the same quality as pharma grade from a sponsor in the form of a ugl with a much better price.
Also if the price is to good to be true it is.
Rhimobolan and the very few primobolan that is left on the market is expensive from the distributor so when sold under ground it should be 12-16$ an amp. Last I checked rhimobolan was being sold for 3$and change usd an amp. When resold at 3-4x the cost it should be around 12-16$.
I myself would actually like to use all Bayer rhimobolan during a cycle. When ordering 100 amps of rhimobolan for a cycle its a big risk that I don’t believe everyone should take.
The difficulty starts with the size of the packaging when you order Rhimobolan you definitely want all original packaging for every single amp this is the only real way to tell if there all real. You can easily order amazing primobolan or methenolone enanthate from many different ugl labs and even some that are licensed pharma grade products in there countries of origin. They can ship in a 10ml vial or even if shipped in amps are packaged with alot less packaging for each amp. The price should honestly be 60-80$ a vial or for 10amps. If its priced at 110$ or something crazy like that im sorry to our sponsors but that’s absolutely crazy.
I prefer to use bm pharmaceuticals Prominate-100

Or other great choices are


Primobolan 200

Primobolan 100

Because I don’t believe that methenolone enanthate should be more than 80$ a vial. When using you will probably need around 10 vials anyway so to get a brand like pharmacom or dragon pharma you can choose to buy bulk deals or look for 50% off deals which are the best.

Primobolan 100 (10 vials)

I personally would go back and order the BM pharmaceuticals prominate because it has passed 4 roidtests that I have done and also I used it and got great results. For the cost I believe that only the alpha pharma primo can compare.
I will most likely be ordering very soon and dragon pharma was going to be my goto so I could get the 1testcyp and a couple of different orals that I really like from dragon pharma. I believe that I might actually be a smart shopper and buy the BM pharmaceuticals prominate and testoviron amps leaving out the 1testcyp for possibly the future.
I have even thought about ordering M1T instead of 1testcyp and just using the compound as an oral.

I really like the pharmacom 200mg/ml or even the dragon pharma 200mg/ml.
These two products give you the ability to use a higher dose with less injections because no matter who you are 100mg/ml injections 8x a week are just not fun. Even if injecting 3ml in one spot you have lost that injection spot for no less than 7 days possibly longer depending on how long you like to rotate so that you don’t have any abscess issues. I personally only put 2ml in an injection spot. I believe that it can be used again faster and is just more comfortable to only use 2ml.
So the 200mg/ml are great options for a methenolone enanthate cycle that you are using high doses to bulk on.
Just a little bit about pharma grade versus UGL. I always preach pharma grade and I really believe that pharma grade is always the best. I do also believe that some UGL have the ability to produce pharma grade products.


Thanks for the post. Based off the recent events that have gone down and for full transparency to members can you please disclose the source the fakes came from. The review is great but without knowing who they came from we are missing crucial information.


All drugs are only as good as the raws. Counterfiet medicine is common in most 2nd to 3rd world countries. Even cheap drugs are faked. At one time Ukriane had nearly 50% of all medicine fake. It wasn’t a crime to counterfiet things there at the time. Not until 2011 did the law go into affect.

Then you have to consider if the source goes to a pharmacy and purchases items they may not even know they were faked.

I wouldn’t buy “pharma” products based on certain countries IMO. Locally I get generic GH and @MGT is cheaper and tests way better then what I find on the local market. But when I would get Saizen GH the price was about $4-5 an iu and that was at a pharmacy. It was legit tho and best GH I ever ran.


Agreed. Raw purity is what it always comes down to assuming cook level is on par.


This isn’t a review just a post about primobolan, rhimobolan or methenolone enanthate.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I believe that a ugl src of this product can be just as good.
The fakes were only shipped to me because I had pre ordered them. This incident occurred over a year ago.
The sponsor was nandroxl but it was a mistake. He was the one that told me about them not being legitimate. I would have still believed that they were real if he hadn’t had contacted me and took care of everything.
I ended up getting ephedrine hcl amps and some androchem nandrolone base that I really enjoy. That androchem is a really good brand. I couldn’t have been happier using nandroxl. I actually do owe him a formal review and I need to get that posted up.
There are original posts already on the site about when this original incident occurred.
It was fixed extremely quickly and I actually found these this morning in my stash and I wanted to post about methenolone and thought that this would be a good way to do it. Im looking forward to ordering more methenolone enanthate very soon and dragon pharma or BM pharmaceutical will be the brand. The price is causing me to lean towards BM again I could also order the BM testoviron again and get a great price and product.
Im still looking at dragon pharma though because I really enjoy there orals.


Great post brother