Just placed an order with SBL! Sent bitcoins this morning. I was a little hesitant from ordering outside domestic but was reassured, he was top notch. Communication has been great. I’ll keep you guys updated and show you the goodies once it gets here.


Well then…lets see how it goes. Keep us updated.


Payment has been recieved! Source sent me a picture of my tracking number and goodies. It will be sent out tomorrow! Extremely professional!
I’ll let you know when the eagle lands!




Imagine that sbl with packages does the same every time, I thought it was only at the beginning but each time it was always the same!


He’s been updating me! It’s on the way overseas! Hopefully the package makes it through. :crossed_fingers:


I told you this guy is positive crazy hahaha


Good news! SBL informed me that the eagle has passed through customs!! Can’t wait




Package was sent out the 10th and it arrived today! Everything was neatly packaged! Experience with SBL has been great! Highly encourage everyone to give him a try


our pleasure, enjoy our SBL gear.


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Brother…you did it…wow. Brother you gotta keep us posted


cut mix is powerfull … my friends confirmed that