Review of Dynamic Evolution Vaso6X and Loaded AF NO2 Booster



Recently @phd provided a family discount code for Dynamic Evolution. I took advantage of this opportunity and here is my review of two separates products that I have used for lucky 13 days, Vaso6X and Loaded AF.

Loaded AF is a stimulant free pre workout formula matrix designed to promote increased vasodilation, increase blood flow, reduce lactic acid build up, increase nitric oxide (NO2) production and increase workout performance. It contains clinical doses of Vaso6, Citrulline, Agmatine Sulfate and Beet Root Extract. It also contains 250mg of Vitamin C, 125mg Sodium and 75mg of Potassium per serving. The container contains 25 measured servings and comes in a blueberry lemonade flavor.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the flavor worked well in this product to help mask the expected taste of all the ingredients.

Vaso6X is a capsule that contains 300mg of Vaso6 per serving (2 capsules). Each serving is the clinically proven effective dose of Vaso6. The bottle contains 30 servings. 300mg of Vaso6 has been shown to increase vasodilation 10X better than 7g of Arginine. It is designed to increase blood flow, enhance ATP production, increase NO2 production, and used as an anti-oxidant.

On my first day I combined the products in the following manner. Upon waking I took a single serving of Vaso6X. An hour later I took a single serving of Loaded AF, 20mg of Cialis and my pre workout meal of 32g protein, 50g carbs, and 3g fat. Within 45 minutes I was at the gym. Effects of increased blood flow were apparent before my first warm up set. By my third warm up set vascularity had increased and I could feel my muscles swelling. By mid workout combined with 25g of intra-workout glucose the pumps were undeniable and vascularity was impressive. I am already pretty vascular and I was pleasantly surprised by the increase. Several hours post workout my muscles still felt full and blood flow increases were still apparent.

By day 4 I decided to remove the Cialis from my pre workout supps because Loaded AF and Vaso6X were providing all the increased blood flow and vasodilation that I thought I needed. I was not disappointed. The two were as effective without the use of Cialis.

I am stimulant sensitive and I was pleased to know that the Loaded AF and Vaso6X contained no caffeine or other stimulants. I will not hesitate to purchase these two items in the future and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for increased blood flow and vasodilation pre thru post workout.

Due to the clinical research of Vaso6, the patented ingredient in Vaso6X and Loaded AF, I will be including this on a daily basis as part of my OTC supplement routine.

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AnaZing review. I gotta give that stuff a try. Thank you for doing this.


Great review bro. I need to get @PHD to ship me some of that out this way.


You really should try the Vaso6X for just the health benefits alone @TrenGod or see if you can get Vaso6 locally. It will be tough because it is a patented process and only available from Compound Solutions. A few supplement companies are adding it to their formulations now.

I know… I know the beast PHD can hook you up! :wink:


I wanna try to find his in bulk to add to my pre.


Good luck.:joy: My hunt came up a bust. BTW the Loaded AF has everything I currently use minus BCAA’s. The FAM25 discount code makes it a great bang for the buck.


Can I not use caffeine in my pre anymore once I go keto?!?!?!?!?


Sure… It just makes me bounce off the walls and act like a crack freak.


Oh okay phew lol


The more that I use these two products the more impressed I am with the results and performance increases. I can spar and meet max reps that I have not been able to do in recent times.

I am loading up of more later this week.

Anyone reading this I highly recommend that you give Vaso6X and Loaded AF a try.


I’m loving it bro I get the sickest pumps. If there are any of you that love preworkouts try savage af with dmaa he also has dmaa pills available now. Yes they are going to soon not be banned anymore. He acguirwd these pre band so can sell he just doesn’t advertise for certain reasons


In the military DMAA was our ‘legal drug’ of choice to push through some intense situations or long training events. I can’t use it anymore because stims just make me feel like crapola.

Use DMAA sparringly guys/gals because it can become addictive and you will develop a tolerance.

Do you cycle it @PHD to reset your tolerance to it?


I don’t like pre workouts personally bro. Only use if I absolutely need it and when I do need it I don’t have it :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Nice review brother and very informative. You’ve definitely peaked my interest in these products.
May have to give them a try to use in my training.


Thanks @N8GainTrain. Make sure you use discount code FAM25 which @PHD secured for members. I don’t know how much longer it will last.


Thanks @SemperFi and @PHD for sharing this discount code


It’s always good guys we are good to go


Pass on our thanks to The Dynamic Evolution Team from all the us here at @PHD. We may be a big pot of iron misfits but we are passionate!


I was literally just in his store talking to him about ug he said the code will always be good for us. I’m also going to be partnering up in business with him and opening up a new line with him. Very excited


Doing big things PHD, you got your hands full! You got a business name yet for the new line?